About pre-order bonus

I own Age of Empires 2 DE on Microsoft Store instead of Steam. If I pre-order Age of Empires 4 on Steam, will I not be able to get the pre-order bonus? Thanks in advance for any answers.

That’s correct. You will only receive the pre-order bonus on the same platform that you pre-order Age of Empires IV.


Hi I want to order is AoE 4! I don’t want AoE 2 DCL Dukes there?
What should I do?

You don’t have to Digital Deluxe Edition you can buy standard edititon.

Pre-order Age of Empires IV now and get the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition “Dawn of the Dukes” expansion as a free bonus in August 2021*.

This is the basic version. Not deluxe

Is it giftable or directly goes library maybe you send/sell the Dawn of dukes

I want to buy AoE 4 but I don’t want to buy DCL AoE 2 Dukes with AoE 4.

Because I already have AoE 2 DCL Dukes installed

If you can, refund Dawn of the Dukes because it is a gift with the Age of Empires IV pre-order.

I’ll try to come back and if it doesn’t work, how do I do it?

The Steam refund process typically requires having played the new content less than 2 hours.

I can’t go back. I played more time.
I would like AoE 4 without DCL!

Does Steam not let you pre-order Age of Empires IV since you already purchased Dawn of the Dukes? If not, when you pre-order Steam may warn you about already owning Dawn of the Dukes but it should still allow you to pre-order the game.

Yeah, I can pre-order AoE 4. But for the full price of 59.99 euros.
Is DCL Dukes just a free gift?

Yes. Dawn of the Dukes is a free gift for pre-ordering Age of Empires IV.

Are you telling me that AoE 4 will cost 60 Euros?
Isn’t that a joke?
Maybe 50 euros, but 60 euros.
Other DCLs will be over time and they will also cost something about 10 Euro one DCL maybe more. It’s not a bit like the game looks miserable so far

Yes. No joke. I’m sure there will be a sale at some point after release. Games do not stay full price on Steam forever.

LoL 60 Euro + 1DCL 10EURO + 1 DCL 10 EURO = 80 EURO + Maybe another DCL 100 EURO

I just filled out the beta questionnaire, when they asked what would make me more likely to buy the game I said 'DLC for AOE3DE instead of AOE2DE.

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