About Reload Speed

There are several technologies and abilities in the game that improve a units “Reload Speed”. For example, Roller Shutter Triggers “decrease Springald Reload Speed by 25%”. I don’t think this is necessarily a bug, so I didn’t report it in the bug forums, but I feel like these descriptions can be missing. The implied bonus here is that the unit will attack faster with an increase of the percentage rate listed, but this is not what actually happens.

In the Springald example, the implication is that Springalds will attack 25% faster, once that technology is researched, but what is actually happening (to the best of my knowledge and testing capabilities) is that it is increasing the attack speed by 17.25%. Every tech and ability that denotes “Reload Speed” works in this manner.

The best that I can gather is that there is some kind of hidden “Reload Speed” stat, which has an affect on Attack Speed. The problem here is that, if this is the case, we cannot readily see this stat. It is mentioned or referenced no where else, except in a handful of random techs. To me, this is an issue with consistency, as we have some techs that affect Attack Speed directly, while others are affecting their “Reload Speed”, but they are both effectively doing the exact same thing: increasing Attack Speed.

What I would like to see is for all of these techs and abilities to be changed from “Reload Speed” to directly affecting Attack Speed for better clarity on what these techs are actually doing and how they are affecting the unity, as well as creating consistency and uniformity across tech and abilities that are, effectively, influencing the exact same stat in the end.

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