About Tea Export

Tea Export give Chinese,India and Japanese.Effect:100Export,-75%Allies Export cost and giving a consulate

300 Export become 300 Export and 0.5Export/s

what do you think

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In fortresses, right?

why? In Age2
300 Tea Export=450~600 resoures
why do send it in Fortress?

-75%Allies Export is too much

Yes.This is discusstion.Nothing,It’s my idea.-50% or other

I just want to exchange these two effects

If you use it well, it is practically 375 for exports + the possibility of saving 75 with other alliances, For me it is already strong, it is seen a lot with India and China, there is no need to buff it, besides the original sending of the letter from China new I decrease the dripping 0.4 from 0.5.

I would not like it at all that India, which already has a good export trickle because it has more villagers than other Asian civilizations, can send the 4 musketeers from the British consulate to itself again faster than they can already do it