About Teutons Crenellations (infantry can shoot arrows)

Hello. Just a random thought, I’m not a teutons fan at all, but I find the secondary effect of Crenellations (garrisoned infantry can shoot arrows) kind of odd, useless and counterintuitive. What if this effect is removed from the UT and make it a bonus for another infantry civ, new or existing. In the second case, which existing civ could have this bonus from feudal age?

would be quite OP if Sicilians get this bonus

This would synnergies too much well with the new Donjon

garrisoned infantry fire arrows supposed to be syn with Towers garrison 2x units and Town Center garrison +10 when you put infantry in.

i think maybe Celts that Castles heal allied infantry in a 7 tile radius. But also their infantry inside the castle can also fire arrow