About the location of water on the forest map

Regarding the position of water on the forest map, if only the enemy side has a pond, it will be a very unfair game, so please remove the pond from the forest or generate a fair map.

Yeah ranked black forest sometimes the lake number is 4 to 0 for the two teams

Or use the existing Rage Forest (and assuming other competitive BF-style maps are similar) map instead. The RF map afaik has equal number of ponds for both teams.

If only it were possible to play ranked games on custom maps. Would be great if the RF version could be used more widely.

Unfortunately only the Black Forest is popular

The Rage Forest map is plenty popular too, and considering it gets used in competitions, it should be something the devs would take into account. Isn’t that how KOTD’s Arabia got used in the main rotation, even though KOTD Arabia is much less played?

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That’s right. Care should be taken with the placement of lakes on all maps.
The amount of food produced will be significantly different and it will be an unfair game

Fundamentally, I want the lake to disappear from the forest map.
Food production is about 1.5 times different between players near the lake and players without it

Good point, I also found this really unfair. I remember I had a match once as Malay and our side had no pond/lake while the enemy did. Either both sides should get one or it should be none at all.