About the new Konnik Changes (December Patch)


  • Konnik [Standard & Elite]: Slowed the rate of fire from 1.9 to 2.4 seconds.

  • Konnik: Reduced hit-points from 110 to 100 health.

  • Elite Konnik: Reduced hit-points from 130 to 120 health.

  • Dismounted Konnik [Standard & Elite]: Now takes additional damage from the Samurai unit.

  • Dismounted Konnik [Standard & Elite]: Slowed the rate of fire from 2 to 2.4 seconds.

Before patch:
Before Stirrups (unique tech that gives 25% atk speed for konniks and scouts) konnik had 1.9 rate of fire and by upgrading it, they would attack once every 1.45 seconds and I agree that was insane.
Now their attack rate is 2.4 and with stirrups their attack would drop to 1.8

I understand that Konnik is a strong unit, even better than knights at castle age and the unique tech made them better than paladins, but what about already leaving their rate of attack at 1.8-1.9 and change stirrups to something else?

I would say: strong units have high investment cost, for example the paladin upgrade or all the upgrades for perfect Elite Cataphracts, so therefore they have extra techs to research. This also helps balance of how the unit’s strength changes from early castle to late imperial age; with an extra tech the maximum strength kicks in a bit later.

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I think its good to have this upgrade to increase the value of building a castle in castle age instead of only Kreposts.

I think the changes are very good. They were just way too strong even when unupgraded. Now they should be okay’ish unupgraded and still extremely powerful with the UU (straight up better than Knights). So I think that’s exactly the way to go.