About the past events/rewards

Hello guys!
There are some avatars locked in the avatars menu.
As I bought the game later,in my case,I missed the first three events (inaugural,christmas and lunar year).
There is no rotation of events (as in last christmas it did not trigger the previous event), so I would request a solution/deal to buy/unlock/bring back events in order to not miss out on rewards.
To my knowledge, the aoe2 brother received a similar treatment.
Searching the forums and reddit I see this a reccurent and wanted request.
@one dev(any dev) :slight_smile:


You won’t be able to get them unless the devs want you to.

I agree. I don’t see what the devs have to lose by allowing past rewards to be purchased. Those who don’t care about cosmetics can ignore them, while those who do can help support development of the game through DLC. Take my money!


I don’t have the time to play this game as much as I’d like to. I can’t grind out the rewards - personally, I’d much rather be able to simply buy the cosmetics I want at some point.

I really want the new Lakota cosmetics but for the next week, I’ve got 10 hour work days and four hour lectures three time a week to attend. I’m busy. I can’t do these challenges, especially on such short notice.


Introduce sone kind of MP currency to buy portraits and skins with a reasonable cost. No chests

Doing the challenges is literally 10 minutes.
All you have to do is start an easy game with infinit resources, do the challenge and resign. If you don’t have time for that, you don’t want the cosmetics ^^

Feels like that’s a bit harsh. Not everyone has 10-30 minutes a day to play AOE3. For whatever reason that might be.


I mean all you need to do is wake up 10 mins earlier than usual and challenge done.

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Maybe for you. In my case my laptop lakes a while to load everything up, adds another 15 minutes on top of playing the challenge. Other people might not have time before work or school. We all have different lives to live. And it’s kinda ave some people who like the game will miss out on these things. Don’t think we want to gate keep. Should let everybody enjoy them.

A simple release after x number of months with no time limit (but with some challenge limit, cause that seems to retain player numbers) should make most people happy


I work as an outdoor guide and am hardly ever at home. If I am, I am only back for a couple days at a time. Since there is a cap on how many events can be done a day, that makes it incredibly hard for me to unlock everything within the time limit.

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I’m literally working 55+ hours a week on top of going to school full time, which currently entails 4-5 hour lectures a day. I don’t have time for this. “Just ten minutes,” is a lot more than you think when my free time is already severely limited or non-existent as it is. I would much rather be able to just purchase the cosmetics I want, as I would get what I want and I would be able to support them in a much more noticeable way - money.

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Then why you work 55+ hours.
Isnt 40 the usual number (;

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Because this is America and I don’t really have a choice unless I want to be homeless.

( 20 letters)

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Or maybe instead of buying them, we could have the challenges be available forever?

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