About Two-handed swordsman & Champion swordsman

I played Age of Empires 2 when I was in middle school, when I was playing Age of Empires 2 Conquerors, I don’t understand why two-handed swordsmen and champion swordsmen move so slowly, I think swordsmen before the castle age can effectively limit their strength and prevent swordsmen from being too powerful, while in the imperial Age, swordsmen are very vulnerable to the attacks of catapults, Archer and Ranger. It’s hard to escape a situation that’s not working for you. After the return of Rome was announced, the centurion and the Roman army, working together, could quickly launch an attack. In the face of unfavorable situations, they can also retreat to reduce losses. I think two-handed swordsmen and champion swordsmen should also appropriately increase their movement speed to increase their chances of escaping unfavorable situations.

what are catapults and rangers?

Maybe is his translation of Mangonels and Skirmishers.

I’ve been asking for the same thing. MAA, LS, 2HS and champion should have their speed increased by 5% per tier upgrade.

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Yeah, I do agree with u.At least two-handed swordsmen needs an extra 5% speed when it upgrades

A cowboy he is not. Unless those exist outside America… wait do they?

The heavy knight and the catapult.Sorry about the translater.

¿Vaqueros? ¿Gauchos? ¿Huasos?

Everyone knows Aragorn acted as a skirmisher during the Battle of Helm’s Deep, throwing infinite javelins against the orc archers.

3% maybe at most, 5% is way too much.

at 5% champion would be a whopping 20% faster than militia assuming they dont stack similar to some other civ bonuses

I’ll be honest, I don’t like weird number that the dev is pushing lately, like the upcoming buff for Hindustani, I don’t mind if champion don’t have the +5% movement speed compared to 2HS so max stack is 15%.

Militia not included

Can the Armenians bonus be replaced and allow 2HS upgrade in Castle Age at least?