Abus Guns - A weak unit for its cost?

I would like to discuss the current situation of the Abus Guns. They generally seem to me too luxurious to play with. Especially with new civs addition, European civs need more attention where I think the Abus leads the list.

Some facts About them by comparisons.

*Their HP is slightly more than other Skirmishers units. For example, RG Skirmsher has 252HP and Abus has 260. I don’t see them tanky unit like Janissaries
*Abus has the less armor among all skirmisher-type units. Their extra HP doesn’t benefit them due to that fact. (0.2 vs 0.3)
*Abus Guns ROF is slower than the other skirmisher-type units. (3.5 vs 3)
*Requires extra gold compared to other skirmisher-type units.
*They are trained in 42 seconds while other skirmisher-type units are trained between 27-33 seconds.
*Abus Guns needs an artillery foundry to be trained
*They have quite many attack multipliers but many multipliers are 0.x which drastically decreases their attack damage.
*Their range starts as 18 and reached 20 with upgrades while other skirmisher units have their ranger around 20 and for example, Gurkha reaches 21.
*Costing 2 population vs 1 pop. is killing gameplay factor when you compare with the other type of skirmisher units.

Ottomans are a very Janissary-dependent civ. and I wonder if devs. should give more attention to Abus Guns to make them a more reasonable option. For example, Neftenyas pop cost was dropped to 1 recently and maybe it would be a good idea for Abus too. Or giving some more extra range with guard and imperial upgrades can give them some more breathing time.

What are your thoughts about that? Would love to hear them.


I think abus guns are good but I would be in favor of dropping their population cost to one because costing two defeats the purpose of building them late game as cannons are better. On a side note grenadiers population should be one as well. Their a decent unit especially with the rifle upgrade but costing two pop make them not a good unit to use most of the time


I agree - Abus Gun needs a little change.
When I’m playing Ottomans I always want to have a big mass of Abus Guns but I’m never able to achieve it. 2 pop and very coin heavy are the main issues.

I think they should stay 2 pop (changing their population space would be too radical). I would rather adjust their cost a little bit:
50 food + 100 coin → 60 food + 90 coin (or somehting similar).

Jan/abus rushes are one of the most annoying rushes to deal with in the game, and that is because of how strong abus are. They insta kill any unit (even weak cavalry) that isn’t heavy cavalry and unlike other skirms, they have great siege that they use for both attacking units and building. They also outshine most units in kills in team games. Now if you are talking about treaty that’s a totally different ball game…


Remember that they do siege damage, which means they bypass most units armor. They have higher damage output than skirmishers.


Yes this, they also snipe artillery easily and in age 2 they out range everything.

abus have been nerfed hard since release. they used to have higher base hp, 50% ranged resistance, same range as longbowmen, standard rof, no malus vs heavy cav and artillery, and 2 minimum range. the abus guns we have now don’t resemble what they used to be.

reverting some of the nerfs such as the ranged resistance, the rof, the minimum range, a 2x multiplier vs all infantry increased to 3x with rifling, and giving them the same bonus/penalty vs cavalry units as skirms would go a long way ensuring they have a place all game and are effective for their pop cost instead of being worse than artillery. but it would have to be accompanied by a further malus vs artillery and a cost increase to 200.

what the ottomans really need is another commerce age 1 pop skirmisher unit that is cheaper and mainly costs food from the barracks.

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Asking a new unit is highely unlikely.

What about giving them +2 , +2 range with upgrades instead of +1, +1? It can give more space to Abus Guns during the late game so that they dont die instantly for a such high cost.

Yes, 2 pop is a killer thing but I dont think they will ever deop to 1 pop if grenadiers remain to be 1 pop at the same time.

If we are buffing the Abus Gun, we should also buff its Chinese equivalent, the flamethrower.

The unit is still very strong and performs really well. Don’t forget that they do siege damage instead of range damage, which means if a unit like skirms has range resist it will still take the full damage from the attack making abus guns extremely efficient in skirm wars and it forces the oponent to have a much larger mass of skirmishers

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They are meant to do hit and run, can snipe everything but cav. I don’t think they need to be buffed.

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