Accessing An Old Replay (No communication of this patch messed up my plans)

Look. This post is out of pure frustration. Zero communication on this patch. A patch that will not allow us to access our old replays! I played a game Sunday night, beat a player that was top 150. I was hyped. I wanted to make a YouTube video talking about it and going over the replay (This isn’t the name of my channel, nor is it popular at all, but I just wanted to have it saved). This is a huge accomplishment for me and I wanted to have it documented, and I feel punched in the gut. I barley get enough time to play as it is. So it’s hard to make a video the day of. And now I can’t at all. I just really want to voice my displeasure with the lack of communication of this patch. GIVE ME A DAMN DAYS NOTICE! At least let us download them or something.

With all this being said, is there any, any, any way to access an old replay. I’m super upset and disappointed. I hope someone from Relic gives a damn so for someone who tries to find time to play as it is, can save our replays or do something. Just unacceptable.