Accuracy on Revolutions

Hy, I don’t know if someone asked it before, but in the beta I’ve told this to the devs during the betas but I think they didn’t read it. Why, after 13 years, still didn’t change the terrific mistake where Argentina is an option to revolt from Germany?
South America (except Brazil) was conquered by Spain, not Germany. And now the mistake is worse because in the history tab it says “Germany, who had colonies in South America from 1500 to 1800”.
Please, if it’s possible, correct it.

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Germany DID have colonies in South America, albeit quite minor relative to the other famous empires of the time. Argentina was chosen primarily because of their German diaspora, the fact that it is and was a major regional power in the Americas relative to the much lesser known German colonies at the time, and the fact that it’s an interesting gameplay decision. Sweden can become the US which is not historically accurate and the Swedish didn’t even arrive as a major immigrant group until the 1800’s (mid?). They made these decisions just to give the game more flavor. There are bound to be many historical inaccuracies, and there are some that need to be fixed WAY before they change Argentina (Ahem… Germany didn’t employ Polish Winged hussars… the Holy Roman Empire wasn’t led by Frederick…).

I invite you to Argentina and let’s see if you can find any evidence of german ancesters (besides a little town in Cordoba, wich was founded several years after our independence from Spain)
All the historic buildings, even the foundation of our country was made by the spanish, so if they respect the original names and voices from the natives americans, why they had to screw our history? And sorry but this is a 13 years old problem, I think it’s kind of urgent and clearly more important than the lack of some random units in one or two civs.

More than 8% of your country has German ancestry ( Nobody is trying to screw Argentinian history. Argentina is merely a choice, like every other Euro civ has. Portugal didn’t found Gran Colombia, nor did it found Peru, but here we are. It’s just to give flavor to the civ when they choose to revolt. Argentina has more validity to be a German revolutionary civ than Gran Colombia being Portuguese. And the 2 problems that I pointed out are much more historically damning than having Argentina as a revolution civ lol. Perhaps by your logic Xi Jinping can be the leader of China in this game since you seem to believe that Frederick being the king of the Holy Roman Empire is no big deal.

Let me understand, you, based on Wikipedia, are trying to teach me the history of my country? Even if something in that article were true, following your logic Argentina was founded by italians too, because a lot of italians inmigrants came here along the 19th and 20th century and a huge amount of us are their descendants.
Buenos Aires was founded in 1536, by Pedro de Mendoza, spanish, way before any german even imagine the existance of these lands.
AOE was THE game to learn history, now it’s just a wikipedia game.
By the way, the source of my information, from the official web page of the Buenos Aires government:

I did a post too during beta… It would be more accurate that germany revolts on Gran Colombia, because they had a colony on the Orinoco, Venezuela. It’s sad to see that a civ like germany don’t have the love that others civs have.

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Sorry but let me provide some context.
The largest german colony was in VENEZUELA established by the Holy Roman Empire and the Welser family. This colony ultimately failed but the survivors established additional small townships in the country.

How did I know this? It used to be part of primary school education. Also as I’m from German descent, I got to learn more about the topic by attending a German School in Venezuela.

To conclude, as there is no Venezuela in this game, but there is a Colombia, it makes sense for them to revolt into Great Colombia.

Oh and by the way, here you go: Klein Venedig Wikipedia Article

As for an additional nugget of info - at one point in time there were also colonies from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Caribbean but these were also short lived and no towns/cities survived till today.

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Yes I am trying to teach you about your country via Wikipedia. What is the problem? And yes, many Argentinians have Italian heritage and many even have Italian passports. If they ever added Italy they should have an Argentinian revolution option as well. This game ends in the late 19th century. Nobody is denying the Spanish were first. I guess they should remove the Canadian revolution for British since the French were first. This is absurd.

You’re unbelievable, I’m LITERALLY giving you a true source of information and you keep replying me with wikipedia which is the worst source of all internet? A place where I can go and write “UK is located in Asia” and nobody will care about.
I’m saying Argentina has been a spanish colony for almost 3 centuries, not just “they were the first”, and if you don’t like it or don’t care about that, go reply to someone else topic instead of insult me and my history.

Try changing an entry on Wikipedia and see how far you get. Wikipedia has been found to be extremely accurate and more accurate than even encyclopedia Britannica for example. This isnt 2006 anymore. And once again, there is significant German history in Argentina. Wikipedia says there were settlements in 1827! The fact that Spain owned Argentina doesn’t matter. Germans and other European powers had their eyes on Argentina so it makes sense to want to revolt into it, especially if they were literally physically there. Like I stated earlier, the devs have taken some liberties for the sake of gameplay like how Portugal gets Gran Colombia. Also, Sweden has the option to become to US. Kooky! And I never insulted you. First one to get mad loses ;).