Achievement bug: All Mine

Its a known issue that the training mastery achievement is not unlocking but I have a problem with another achievement, which is not unlocking at all for me.
Its one from the Malians, a rather easy one: All Mine.

You basically just have to collect 1000 Gold from Open Pit Mines. I tried it with different methods, like with several mines, with just one mine or with workers actively collecting from the mine. In no scenario it worked.

It isnt adressed yet, am I the only one having this problem or am I doing something wrong?
Steam, always playing in online mode.

Well I just got it, its actually not a bug but a missleading tooltip in the achievement. In English it says collect Gold 1000x times but in German it just says collect 1000 Gold, which is wrong. But it can be closed now.

Translation errors are everywhere in the game. Especially the description of various Reward Event Completion Condition.

Thank you for reporting this @ringelnet! I’ll have the localization team take a look.