Achievement Bug - 'Offense Is the Best Defense' Achievement

Game version: 101.101.32911.0 4395365

Issue: ’ Offense Is the Best Defense’ achievement is impossible

Details: The goal of this achievement is to defeat all opponents on the final Saladin mission before constructing a Wonder. Constructing a wonder being the normal victory condition. After defeating all enemies, the game automatically ends and you cannot build anymore, so it is impossible to build a wonder after defeating all enemies.


hmm try build a wonder first, let the countdown happen then kill them all before the countdown happens, thats what I would do tbh

but yeah doesnt make sense from wording…

Fortunately I had a save file at the right point to test this.

I’ve tried finishing the last enemy mid-construction of the wonder and also tried finishing the last enemy once the wonder has been constructed, but neither variation yields the achievement :cry:

I created an account just to confirm this.

I even declared Persian Outpost as enemy to also destroy them but still no achievement…
Even in Steam Global Gameplay Stats the percentage is 0%.

I hope this is clearly a bug and not the typical nonsense problem with Resign - Defeat condition flags on AI, where the AI resigns before being defeated and so the achievement is not triggered.

I have the same problem! I defeated gray, red and yellow, and while attacking blue, suddenly aquamarine surrendered and seconds later blue did the same, and instantly victory screen appeared, not letting me build the wonder.

Seems a general bug, I suppose we’ll have to keep a savegame near the scenario completion so when they fix it we can quickly get the achievement.

I have the Steam version.

@Alexjb17 @Wolfie557 @NecroreaperGR

I managed to get it!! I did this:
Loaded my last savegame. At that point, I’d already defeated gray and yellow. I declared right away Persian Outpost as enemy, but did not attack them. I keeped attacking red, then blue, and happened the same as before. Aquamarine resigned and seconds later blue did the same. Instantly the achievement popped up! It seems that the scenario did not automatically ended because Persian Outpost was still my enemy. I changed it back to ally, and the scenario ended.

It seems the problem is that the scenario ends too fast when last enemy is defeated, so it has no time to check the condition and trigger the achievement. Having Persian Outpost as enemy allows the scenario to keep going so it can trigger it. Once you have the achievement, you can change it back to ally and then the scenario ends and victory appears!

Obviously this is not the way it is supposed to work, but at least there’s a workaround to still get the achievement.


You just solved it! I tried it by myself and it worked!

So the problem is the slow achievement trigger and not the resign - defeat condition flag problem. Maybe that’s the problem with other campaigns like Barbarossa and relics.

The workaround does not work for me. I tried multiple times following Pilgrims directions exactly. I believe it is because even if I set the Persian Outpost to “enemy”, they do not ever change their stance with me to “enemy” but keep me at “ally” therefore the game does not have them triggered as an official enemy of mine.