Achievement not triggering: Beat an AI opponent on "Hard" difficulty

Im getting the achievements for winning the game as a certain race, but like the regicide achievement not triggering, now even beating an AI on a certain difficulty isn’t triggering.

Persisting for 3 days now. Latest patch as well.

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Just did all my AI 1v1 difficulty achievements in a row just now. So can’t confirm this bug.

I confirm to have this issue with moderate and hard difficulty. Hardest and Extreme I have not played yet.

Easiest and Standard work good.

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@FootedElk911551 WTF is the point of your post? basically this : “my walls block enemy movement so therefore there isnt a wall bug” (in case this goes completely over your head, there is a bug that sometimes allows units to cross walls and jump cliffs)

please dont waste your time trying to “unconfirm” someone else’s bug!

The achievement mentions that it has to be 1v1 just so you know.

I do try to reproduce bugs mentioned in the Report a Bug section so that I can better explain how it can happen or check the editor/files for explanations. There is nothing wrong with mentioning that I can’t reproduce a certain bug.

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As soon as I have time I will try it again and will report about it;)

I have just received moderate achievement with the following setup:

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@iIiAGSPiIi thanks will give it a go

@FootedElk911551 yes there is something wrong with mentioning that you cant reproduce it. since it doesnt matter if 95% of the community cant reproduce it. imagine everyone was posting on every bug whether they couldnt reproduce the bug?

you are literally congesting the system for no reason by saying “i dont get the bug” (specifically said in a whiney teenagers voice)

@iIiAGSPiIi thanks its resolved! i mirrored your settings and i needed to changet the victory from standard to conquest. that allowed the achievement to trigger. ill see if this helps with the regicide issue as well.

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This is certainly a bug and needs to be fixed. Or else mention in achievement description, that victory condition must be conquest.


Good to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Other achievements are still somehow bugged… I am going to write another topic on that.

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