Achievement problems between steam/xbox accounts: Re-earning achievements

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.36906.0 4941835
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: racer 1085


Unfortunately I have a bug with 2 civ achievements in AoE 2 DE. These were successfully obtained on Steam, but didn’t unlock at Xbox Live. I’ve tried to win with those civs a few more times, but Xbox achievements still never unlocked. It’s worth to mention that I was playing offline when they were unlocked on Steam.

These achievements are: Inca Victory and Vietnamese Vicrory. You can see that those were unlocked on Steam on the attached screenshots.

So what can I do now? How can I unlock these 2 achievements for my Xbox account?

Reproduction Steps:

Tried to play skirmish (different modes) and Campaign. All other civs achievements unlock both on Steam and Xbox Live at the same time, but Incas and Vietnamese still do not unlock on XBL.


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Any fix for this? I’m having issues with at least one civilization. I managed to get the other two on my Xbox profile though, that same day.

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Build: 101.101.37650.0 5061880

Xbox Achievement “Dark Humor” earned in the previous update still doesn’t unlock on current build.

Steam achievement was earned instantly upon meeting requirements but the Xbox one delayed… I closed the game a minute after earning the achievement and now there’s no way to earn the achievement again.

There should be an achievement sync on startup.

Annotation 2020-05-28 094913

If you guys wanna fast fix, see my previous post on this thread.

Does this also affects when switching an xbox account that is already logged in the first time when purchasing this game on steam? It seems to stop working on unlocking achievements for an xbox account that I switch from my previous one. I think the previous account works, but decided not to unlock achievements in a switched account, both the already earned and new ones that I unlocked on steam.

One year later and this bug still persists.


i have the same problem with several achievements like The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!, i have this one on steam with i can´t get it on my xbox account

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There is temp fix that might still work for you guys too, it needs installing the MS store version but you can get Game Pass still for like $1 for 3 months if you don’t have it.

I have this problem with a DLC achievement. Can’t get around it. Awful.

And installing a different version of the game from another store is not a fix.

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Okay, I came up with a work around.

I followed these steps just now to unlock “Unchivalrous Pragmatist” which was bugged for me. This works.

1. Enable Steam library sharing for your account and computer.

2. Create a new steam account, or otherwise log-in with one which does not have the achievement.

3. Request access to Age of Empires II DE (it will email you on the account registered to your main steam account).


5. Trigger the achievement, it should unlock on Steam and on xbox live.

Worth noting you can freely transfer game saves between account folders, I was able to use the ones I had from trying to trigger it again.

This proves that once triggered for steam, the achievements will not trigger again for xbox live.


Thank you for this solution. Worked like a charm.

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The latest patch that came out today ( seemingly fixes this issue. I was missing the win as Burgundians achievement on my Xbox Live profile, but was able to unlock it after re-earning it.

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I have a problem with the LOTW Event Challenges: I signed into Xbox Live to keep all the Icons/Mods, but all the Event Mods are only showing as Temporarily Unlocked, rather Permanently Unlocked. How to fix this? Can the Dev team please help with this?

I’m not sure if this is related, but I completed the “Pleasant Peasant” Steam Achievement today, but did not get the Xbox achievement at the same time. I assumed that perhaps I had built some farms before I logged into the Xbox account and it hadn’t been tracked. I ended up building all of the farms I had previously earned and the Xbox achievement did not pop. I am certain I built more than all of the farms needed for the achievement, so there seems to be some sort of bug.

Either the Xbox version of “Pleasant Peasant” does not work by itself or the Xbox version of “Pleasant Peasant” isn’t being registered because the Steam achievement is already complete. I’m not sure.


This just happened to me a few days ago… It’s really bugging me.

Thank you all for the feedback and i apologise for the “late” reply, we are now tracking this issue.
Have a nice day

Just had this happen again for the “Mango Shots” achievement. Unlocked on Steam but not on Xbox Live.

This happened to my last night trying to earn “Fast Food”. I got the Dawn of Dukes DLC yesterday, and last unlocked a Steam and Xbox achievement on October 31st. So I know the cross platform unlocks were working for me at one point. I booted up the game again tonight. Signed out of Xbox Live and signed back in. Started a new skirmish, met the requirements again, and the Xbox achievement has not unlocked.

I would really like to avoid creating a new Steam account like Tarvu suggested if I can help it. I mean I can download the game pass version but I do not want to re-buy the DLC again which I would have to do since that is the only achievement I have missed since this occurred and would not be cost effective for me. Is the developer working on a fix? I will submit a ticket anyways.

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Chu ku no 100.000 arrows triggered for me on Steam but not on XBLive

Fast Food cheevo too is bugged

I tried the family share version with steam to try to unlock some achievements, but still they are unlocked on xbox live. As their are several for me, i do not know what else i can do. I firstly did them on my main steam account while locked in on microsoft live. At the end of all the games I was always getting the “winning with a specific civilization“ achievement, so this is the proof i am connected to xbox live. But while playing, only steam achievements unlock but not the xbox live ones. The achievements i am talking about are:
“No suntzu light“ - shoot 100.000 arrows with chu ko nu
“Anyone order a pizza?“ - train 1.000 condottiere as a non-italian civilization
“Dark Humor“ - kill 20 villagers with Militia in dark age
“kaboom“ - kill 1.000 enemie units using Demolition ships

I guess some other achievements of this type will not pop up for me too, maybe the syncing is to slow between steam and microsoft if i do quick games? Or produce units to fastund because i use 20 buildings for production?
I made these achievements 3 times, always on fresh new steam accounts but they never unlocked on xbox, only on steam. Normal achievements like winning as bulgarian or spain always unlocked, as i always made a test game if i am really locked on to microsoft live.

I dunno how to unlock these though…

I like to earn all achievements of games if possible


Please help or find a way to solve this issue for all of us, devs!