Achievement unlocked in-game, locked on Xbox


I have again encountered an issue with an Xbox achievement remaining locked despite it showing as unlocked on the in-game profile. The achievement is ‘The Sultans’ which requires completing The Sultans Ascend campaign. The bug happened after the game crashed to the Xbox home screen from the end mission screen before the final cinematic played. Restarting the game revealed that the final mission has been completed and the achievement was completed on the in-game profile.

None of the usual fixes from other games work, e.g. restarting the game, repeating requirements, reinstalling. It appears the achievements become permanently glitched as their trigger is linked to the time they are unlocked on the in-game profile? If this is the process, could the developers review the syncing between in-game achievements and Xbox achievements, and enable some form of re-syncing/checking process?

I believe this bug is reproducible if there is any interruption between meeting achievement requirements and it unlocking on Xbox which is often not immediate, e.g. crash, game closure, possibly internet disconnection. Playing on Xbox Series X, no mods. Have others experienced this?