Achievements don't unlock for old version of game

Game Version:

  • Build ((28529))


This might sound pedantic but the new version of the game has a separate list of identical achievements and it’s no longer possible to unlock achievements in the old version. The new game automatically unlocks any achievements you’ve already earned, but unlocking achievements in the new version of the game doesn’t unlock them in the old game.

I’m a completionist so it’s a shame to see a game on your profile that I’ll never complete. If you guys could add the logic to sync back to the old title it would be appreciated. (Pretty pretty please!)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Have had the old version of the game at some point and have unlocked at least one achievement in it.
  2. Look at my profile or the attached screenshot. image

Actually it have been said on the release of the new client, if you’re completionist at this point, you can always install the old client and do the achievement in it too.

That sounds completely reasonable… but how do I get the old client? It’s no longer on the Microsoft store.

The easiest way to find the old client is to:

1: Open the Microsoft Store App
2: Click the … in the upper right corner
3: Select Downloads and Updates
4: Select “All-Owned” or “Ready to Install” on the left
5: Find AoE: DE (with a greyed out photo) in your list (you may have to click unhide at the top)

Hope this helps!

Oops, nevermind. It seems to be the latest version. Thanks so much guys!

You can safely ignore the below:

That seems to only get you the old client pre-title update. You wind up getting version 1.3.27374.2, So you wind up missing 250GS. I don’t see a way to download the update in the client much as I’m trying.