Achievements not counting/not tracking progress?

Platform: Steam
I was checking the achievements and some of achievements like build 300 trebuchets or build 1000 farms seem to not count or not track the progress. Is this real or the achievements just don’t refresh?


Noticed the same issue. They pop when the conditions are met, but progress isn’t displayed.


All achievements that require you to do a certain number of things, build x buildings, destroy x castles etc do not show progression of the achievements as did AOE 2 HD.

This screenshot captures what i am talking about with some examples (but not all)


Build 32911, Steam

Issue: Achievements requiring x amount of y, i.e. Wololo, Kaboom, or Castle Crusher do not update with time. They do complete and you do receive the achievement once you’ve reached the amount set.
I have converted somewhere around 500 units today, counter for Wololo stays at zero. I also was not updated for Kaboom until I had completed it:

Every achievement with a counter has the same updating problem. It is minor, but it is a bug.

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I’m trying to make the Achievement of taking 100 Relics but i see that none of my achievements who has a bar to complete is not working or updating like below:

I don’t complete none of that achievements and the bar doesn’t change and keep showing that i complete the numbers


Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0
  • Platform Microsoft Store


Achievements tracker not working

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Collect one relict
  2. Observe

Excepted result:
Achievement tracker “Relic hunter” moved
Actual result:
None of achievement trackers moved

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Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34055.0 4495784
  • Platform Steam


Achievements with number count progress are not progressing through the game achievements page on steam

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open the game achievements page on steam
  2. check the achievements with number count (convert 1000 unit for example, u can’t see how many units u have converted so far)

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Age of Empires: Definitive edition PC

The Tracking of the achievements is not working.
I played with several teams and besides the system counting that I already won the achievement do not move up and count as done.

Played with the teams listed won the game and nothing. Destroyed my town center and won the game and nothing

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Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34793.0 4597979
  • Platform Steam


Prevailing bug on steam achievement counters.

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Game Version: <!-- AoE2-DE Version 0.0.35584.0 4714640

  • Build (####) 4714640
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Steam

Issue: <!-- In playing several games in “Age of Empires 2-Definitive Edition {AoE2-DE}”, I have noticed that ALL of the “cumulative” Steam Achievements { i.e., those that call for accomplishing some activity over multiple game play-throughs } are listed with the counts shown as completed.

FOR INSTANCE, the Wololo ːwololoː achievement shows the count as 1,000/1,000 ! This SHOULD show as 0/1,000 initially !

And as my Monks convert enemy units over numerous games, that “cumulative” count never changes to show any progress !! Previous Age of Empires games properly have shown such progress.

The same erroneous results are occurring for all other “cumulative” Achievements; such as “Castle Crusher” { shown as 50/50 }, “90kg Over 300 Meters” { shown as 300/300 }, etc. ! Initially, these all should be “Zeroed”; i.e., 0/50, 0/300, etc.

How can I correct this so my Achievement efforts are no longer wasted ?

Reproduction Steps:

To reproduce,

  1. Play any AoE2-DE game and perform actions required by one or more of the Steam “cumulative” achievements; i.e., have Monks convert enemy units, or destroy enemy castles, or launch Trebuchet attacks, etc. .
  2. Finish & exit from the game.
  3. From the Steam Inventory page, link to one’s AoE2-DE Achievements status page.
  4. Note the status for the “cumulative” achievements performed. I always see something like 1,000/1,000 with no progress recorded.


Yeah, noticed the same during Anniversary Challenges.

Same apply for AoE: DE, the 21st Century achievement did not count the centurions trained.
Will check the AoE:DE forums and post there too.

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Please check out a workaround to these issues I posted in a different thread and let me know if it helped: Achievement not triggering: Beat an AI opponent on "Hard" difficulty