Achievements not working

Alright so I have been trying to get all the achievemente for some time now and I want to know how the ■■■■ do these work. Are they bugged or I’m doing them wrong ?

This one says it’s about building all the structures. How is it still at zero after I played for 60H and did everything?

This one says that I should win all skirmish(vs AI, offline) matches with all civs on the hardest difficulty. I did that yesterday and got nothing.

I have these 2 achievements bugged too. They just dont track at all, even after 79 hours of playing. Plus the one with the 10 canonballs too. I hope they will get to them soon, I know they’re fixing other issues, so im going to be patient.

Just an update to my last comment, I was able to finish one of the achievements. The wording is confusing a bit, (at least in English). But you’re not supposed to beat ALL the other civilizations on Hardest. You are supposed to play as EACH of the civilizations and win on Hardest difficulty.
Also, play it on “Hardest”, not “Extreme”, im not sure if that counts.

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I did beat the AI with all civs on extreme tho. Will try the Hardest difficulty then. Ty!

I have the same problem in this same achievement, that of building all the buildings, it does not leave 0, the achievement Flexible I realized that there was an interpretation error I managed to do playing a level below the Extreme, using the tuck tuck tuck and in quick mode !