There should be an achievement for every map.


What do you mean by ”every map”?

There are a whole lot of maps you’d need achievements for if you mean every map.

I mean every map you can choose under skirmish/single player. It will be a lot of achievements and therefore steam should make it possible to make categories of achievements. Ex we already have one for every civ and it should be civ and you click on that and every appear.


I like the idea like welcome to nomady for like 100 games played on or a fishermans luck for building 25 fishingships in water maps

That’s a lot of grinding on a lot of bad maps. Needlessly complicated. Maybe just break them down into categories, and achievements for 10 wins on maps in a category.

Could also work but i think some specific achivments should be there too like civ specific or unusal for a map

I’m not too keen. The HD achievements were pretty obnoxious as it is…