Achievemnent unlocked

I’m quite new to A of E and when it says Achievement Unlocked I can’t access the new challenges. Any help much appreciated.

Do you mean the ingame challenges based of events? In that case: There is a cooldown of 1 in a day. So you need to wait to the next day. These challenges are also time limited. So you have to do them all before the counter hits 0 (most likely 2-3 weeks). Currently the last event ended some days ago. So at this moment there are no challenges at all untill the next event (probably happening at the same time of the next DLC is released in august).

If you meant the archievements at Steam / Xbox live: You can do all at once. So i dont think you meant these.

It’s when I play the campaigns on Steam.

You can do the steam archievements whenever you want in which order you liked. You already have access to the full list of archievements. You wont get new ones for completing the current ones.

So i dont really know what you meant with “new challenges”.

OK, so what’s it mean when it says Achievement Unlocked?

Is it probably the message that you successfully have done the achievement.

Hmm, I’m not sure. After completing a level within a campaign a pop up says Achievement unlocked followed by the name of what sounds like a new game or challenge.

You just unlocked an achievement of that name