Acropolis strategies?

I just played a few games on the new map Acropolis. Seems like the most popular strat is going for scouts to harass those wood lines and take map control and then follow up with towering the wood.

Does anyone have different strategy ideas to play on this map?

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No, going for scouts is the way to open in virtually every acropolis game. However, following up with towers isnt really what I’d do too often - quite risky because vills can get sniped by scouts. If you’re a knight civ playing against camel civ (eg franks vs indians) what you can do alternatively in castle age after going scouts: Instead of switching into knights you go pike and siege push but otherwise the meta seems very much geared towards cavalry or cav archers because you can’t full wall your base. Dont even try to go fc, you will be dead if your opponent reacts in time. Maybe men at arms into archers or towers can work if you can get to a woodline while making sure to be safe at home but also quite risky.

yeah seen the same, its way too open imo… every 1v1 has been the same, scout rush…

When I said scouts to take map control and after towering the wood i meant after one of the players wins the scout war and the only way to come back for the other play is to go castle age so they stop making their own scouts wall up their wood lines and wait for castle. During that time a tower on the wood is so OP its the nail in his coffin. He has to delete the walls and run away but the scouts are there to massacre him, best case scenario he has a lot of spears there and his vils are able to walk the 30-40 tile distance to the other woodline but if you tower that too or even a preemptive tower on it he has nothing to do that idle time just because there is no other woodline close is so brutal. So maybe you are forced to make a preemptive tower on your wood but then if your opponent doesn’t do the same or doesnt tower your wood then you just wasted a huge amount of stone for your TCs in castle age. From what we have gathered it seems like this map is all about scout wars. I have actually tried to tower rush in this map. It seems like a strong strat too but the problem is counter attack his scouts are just too strong opponent makes counter towers and goes to raid you with scouts. Its really hard to pull off. Its much easier to just go for scouts.

I really hate these one dimensional maps that lack a variety of strategies. This is why I can’t stand water maps because its not about your strategy that wins the game its all about your mechanics, how well you execute the water map build. Its so strong that even a transportship in dark age often fails since every dock is like an extra TC pumping out OP food villagers. But yeah thats a rant for another day. A lot of people enjoy water maps. Including Viper …lol

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agreed! and i dont mind if others like it thats their choice haha

I don’t think acropolis is less strategic than other maps. Just watch some high level ranked games and you’ll notice the diversity in strats. Sure, its almost every time scouts as an opening and you’re right in that mechanics play a stronger role than in other maps. However, you can play very differently even with that in mind. If you don’t want to go heavy into scouts you could go for defensive scout options or scouts and spears. If you take Franks for example, you’ll get your 3 extra scouts pretty easily due to these two early eco bonuses. Pressure a bit with them run away if your opponent masses more scouts and wall your base in the meantime. Build your military buildings at the the sides of your downhill woodline for better protection. Just because you have to make your decisions fast it doesnt mean it is less strategic. Tartars are also pretty good defensively here because you can stay at the top of your hill. Imo Cumans are also a lot of fun on this map because you can get your second tc at that vulnerable wood line. If you like trushing maybe try Incas. Usually the best defense against Incas vills is walling to prevent them from getting in which is hard to do here, obviously.

So many people (including me) recently complained that the map pool features more closed than open maps. Now we got an extra open map which is great imo. It complements maps like arena or hideout where it is fc into boom basically every game - just as it is with scouts on acropolis.