Act 3 Bolivar revolt

I have a problem in Act 3 of Bolivar’s missionary revolt when I fulfill my mission
hangs or paralyzes destroying the fort.
It also paralyzes when the message comes out you’ve won
someone’s happened to him.

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join the club!
I cant progress trough that mission!
The campaign is a broken mess and devs dont care!


If I agree that the difficulty is terrible but I already found the solution to that mission there are two options to let Bolivar destroy them even if the ia is stupid or destroy it with a mortar but none of your units enter the Spanish base because it hangs that they do not enter the base simply with the mortar destroy it and the mission does not hang.

I’m also unable to finish this mission. It froze the entire game twice. Have you filed a bug report?

Guys, try attack the Fort before Bolívar does. It worked to me.

Thanks for posting this suggestion, but we’re supposed to use a workaround for a bug that shouldn’t exist in the first place?

I never said that. The devs must fix it. But until that, we have a option.

I did attack by Sea and destroyed the Spanish Command Post that way using Monitors but yeah I’ve also encountered this issue and it prevented me from progressing for a while.