Active pause like in single player

On single player, when the game is in pause you can do whatever you want. Ask unit to move, buid things…
It could be great to have a button like “cheat code” in the multiplayer for “active pause”
who able all the player to move the map and do whatever they want when the game is in pause.
It’s like the fact, it’s possible for two player to play the same player. It’s great for new player who want to have fun with an advanced player. It’s also fun to control sometime a single player with a friend.
For the active pause, sometime you want to make a perfect game and beat 7 hardest AI. You can do it only because you can put the game in pause and do a lot of stuff.
Actually when you play with some player, at the begining you play in fast speed (x2) and then when you reach castle age you play in normal speed.