Actual Balance Changes

Aztec production bonus nerfed to 10% i’m okay with this.

Burmese Imp UT is no longer broken by Masonry seems more like a bug fix.

Indians Camels get the same affect listed above for burmese seems more like a bug fix

Elephant Archer reduced to 70g and attack speed is 2.0 should make Indians fans happy.

Mayan El Dorado research time Increased, minor nerf

Saracen Zealotry gold cost reduced minor buff

Malay Bug fixed

Chinese , Cumans , Huns , Khmer , Lithuanians , Mayans , Mongols , and Tatars . all lose Supplies

No more dark age Watch Tower


Frankly i’m okay with all of these changes, but i’m disappointed at the lack of love for Turks, Koreans, Italians (land) and Portuguese.


First thing I checked from balance, was that no civ have lost paladins. Thank god (Cysion) :relieved:


The patch is a step in the right direction with all the bug fixes. Hopefully, the path finding will be addressed with the next patch.

The balance changes are fine though I don’t like the Aztec nerf and I expected some small buffs to Koreans and Portuguese on land maps and Turks in post-Imp trash wars. Most likely, we’ll see these next patch.

Now it will be interesting to try Manipur and Elephant Archers.


They are kind of a borderline civ, and the nerf isn’t much.

i think we all did. frankly portuguese and koreans could use some water buffs too. i’m tired of water battles being Italians Vs Vikings

the attack rate change means they go from 2.4 dps (without upgrades) to 3 DPS without upgrades. thats an increase of 25% alone right there vs everything. even more for buildings.

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I am under the impression that the bug fixes regarding masonry and architecture do not affect the Elephant Archer. Only Camels. But otherwise, I agree that their DPS output has increased. I want to try the EArchers asap.

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oh, you’re right, it is camels. still, a 25% buff and reduced cost.

and camels are now going to be much more effective against buildings.


Yeah I did not like this lack of love, especially for Turks… at least the other 3 civs are a bad version of the decent ones… I will spend another month with the hope that these civs do not pop up when playing random…


This really bothers me because it looks like a Goth overbuff to me, I agree with Hera’s opinion on this

Indians Camels get the same affect listed above for burmese seems more like a bug fix

I used to think this was intentional just bringing the Camel’s dps against buildings closer to the knight line, this will make them better than knights in terms of anti building damage

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You are really scared of that, aren’t you…

I have to agree, fast production nerf may have been a bit too much. Perhaps they should have gone from 15% to 12% first, rather than 10%.

Portuguese seem like a boring one-trick pony which isn’t even good at the trick it’s doing.

I think the other civs are kinda okay. Though personally I would always pick Spanish over Turks and Khmer over Koreans.

Italians are extremely strong on water maps. I think they maybe need a nerf on this regard, but not a huge one. Saying this just by looking at when they’re picked in expert matches.

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Turks werent buffed but they are good in several maps of the new map pool.

The extra gold from relics from wolf hill are gonna be fun

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For me is the most disappointing update from beginning of the game.

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I would have liked if they took the supplies tech away from only civs with FU champions.

Many of the ones they did remove the tech were already not very good, like huns or Lithuanians.

But sad that they didn’t add the non elite battle Elefant to Indians.

I would love to use that auto scout on sheep’s, but I will never unlock that, since I play only 1-2 games per week. Quite off putting to be honest.

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which is the point. those civs aren’t supposed to be infantry civs. why should they have that tech? it literally does nothing for them.

how often do you see huns or mongols making swordsman?

that would be a huge buff and they already got 2 buffs this patch.

you can literally unlock that stuff in single player games. and the auto scout for sheep only works in single player mode.


Ok, we have patch.

  1. Aztec nerf… we will see.
  2. Burmese buff - i think is good. Not necessery change, but good.
  3. Indians - buff to th EA. Still not great, but good direction
  4. Mayan nerf… we will see.
  5. Saracen buff - good thing.
  6. Malay bug fix - very good.

Civs loses Supplies - im good with them, exept two - dont understand why Chinese and Khmer lost this upgrade. Mayans dont go 2HS anyway, rest of civs are cav civs. I even propose this once on this forum.
Still no buff for Poruguese or Turks (I wanna see trashpions!!!).
Still no cost reduction for Elite Cataphract Upgrade. Really, this is probably most requested thing.


btw since he likes to call people out…you were wrong…


Wolf Hill is a Team Game Map so i don’t think it will effect Turks that much since trade is already cover that spot for them.

I think we will see more Lithuanians pick on this map.


that’s a foregone conclusion. Lithuanians are going to love that map.