Adam Isgreen about environment destructions


Nice read. Relic does nice environmental effects, and this would be no different. DOW and COH series had some of the best environmental effects too in past.


little bit disappointed that the environment won’t be alterable at all but ok, I could move past a lot of things for the sake of good performance.
Maybe topography changes would make more sense if the setting invloved gunpowder and bombing of some sort. Not that a rain of tebuchet firing wouldn’t be able to do the work, but not very common I guess. Engineers would be another option to perform changes on the environment.
Combat affected by destruction physics is a cool idea nevertheless.

Greta Thunberg will be pleased :rofl:


So sad about this one. Watching trees falling down and the grass on the battlefield wither could have been a good feature.

Lets hope cannon balls still breaks the tree.


I would hope kind of that. Trees fall even in Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion