Adam Isgreen Will talk about AOE4 (and franchise) on xboxera podcast

“They’ll reveal more things later this year”

So, fall 2021 is a lie, there we will no AoE4 this year.

Yes I believe that. There were so many obvious glitches with arrows like spawning points, trajectory etc. that I find it hard to believe that they themselves would believe that they considered that part of the game done. Creating and editing footage takes time and there is no other way to show a game that is in alpha stage to the public without showing… alpha footage. In addition, if you listen to the podcast you can hear Adam explain the issues that they had with arrows and how they fixed them, for example when shooting over a wall and to me that sounded like a real development cycle they wen’t through and not like a story they made up in a couple of days due to a backlash of the community on arrows.


by “later this year” he means something like showing things in may, June, July or august, and probably in September and October, November since fall 2021 means months extended from September 22 to December 20 and December 23

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He did no mentioned anything about graphics/cartoon feel, so this will be the final game, not gonna buy it then,

He did talk about it , watch the part where he answers patreon community questions , right now until launch(even after) ,they are polishing and tunning the graphics and optimising to make the game look better and run on any pc.

my potato is happy for


Also think that they keep the basic style, but at least arrows and proportions will look more realistic.
I wait for the live stream with Relic today, hope they answer some questions more detailed.

I mean i feel quite good with the art style but i l’d like to have more detailed units, Buildings and animations.


Which live stream? Is the live stream they postponed last week?

It will be there.


Yes same for me. More realism + blood/skeletons or at least a free gore DLC and I’m fine with the graphics.

Yes they postponed the stream because of the shooting in Indianapolis. Stream will begin today at 3:00PM PT, midnight in Europe


Horrible time to choose, but ok

I made this

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That’s like saying I’m not gonna eat oranges cause I don’t like the color of it

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