Add a 36th civ for practice

Add a 36th Civilizations in the standard game for us to practice against the AI/AIs, or even practice build orders. No Civilization bonuses or team bonus. Just full tech tree, eagle warriors, Paladins, Bombard Towers, all.

Also if possible, make a practice game mode so that if we play against multiple AIs, they don’t trade, making the late game balanced.


What architecture though?

Easiest difficulty should prove helpful to you,

I don’t understand. why not just using a game without AI if you want to practice a BO.
You clearly don’t intend to have them rush you either. So you can add 5 AIs with Easiest difficuly.

Just choose all techs? It removes civ bonuses too.

Would be nice to have a 36th civilization though. It will fit well into the last slot of the civ pick menu of 6x6 that we have.


This is literally why the “All Techs” option exists when creating a singleplayer or multiplayer match.
It does this: “No Civilization bonuses or team bonus. Just full tech tree, eagle warriors, Paladins, Bombard Towers, all.”

If you want a balanced [read easy] (I think that the new AI is already pretty well balanced for each of the difficulties) late game then I would just try using the old CD AI. It is a very predictable opponent which is what I think you are looking for.


Id rather see a real civi for the last slot.


I want my civ to lose all bonuses while practicing, other AIs should have them.

Nope. I want to practice 1 vs 2 Hardest/Extreme AIs, though without trade.

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1 civ, that I can practice all my build orders with. Scout rush, eagle rush, knight rush, tower rush, elephant rush, lancer rush, smush, Fast Imperial, archer rush. Saracens are decent with this, but their archer bonus makes it awkward since that won’t translate for other civs. Their market bonus is also strong. Also missing Cavalier (and by extension Paladin) makes it awkward.

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What you want then is to make a custom scenario.
You can make a custom scenario that will do everything that you have listed here.

  • Make yourself all tech, but the other AI players are normal getting their bonuses.
  • You can disable buildings for players, so disable markets for the AI players

Well, I’m not gonna start preaching here, but that would be super unrealistic for practice.

Anyways, you could always make a scenario and do anything you want

Not sure that all tech does work for one player or all players but there is one serious flaw. The all tech keeps the existing bonuses and expands the tech tree. That means Frank Paladins with Bloodlines, Celt lumberjacks with TwoManSaw, Viking Elite Eagle Warriors with 72 HP and extra bonus vs Cavalry, Elite Huskarls with 12 pierce armor (bye bye castles), Teuton Castles with 14 range, Byzantine Castles with 10000+ HP, etc.

Also on a custom scenario, everything is fixed. The location of enemy, stone mines, gold mines, etc. Also some civ bonuses don’t work as normal, like Chinese and Mayan villagers or starting resource deduction, Lithuanian and Persian starting resources addition, Incan Llama bonus.

Last time I tested as Khmer, I couldn’t advance without Buildings

So, it might have been another issue for you

Yeah i thought all tech removes all civ bon bons and you literally only keep UU and UT?

If in the scenario editor you check “all techs”, save the scenario and play in Standard without checking the “full tech tree” again, it does what I mentioned.

UTs are like Civ bonuses and team bonuses. They are saved in scenario editor and wiped in Standard Game.

The only 3 things saved are: Unqiue Units and Buildings (except shared ones- Condi, Genitour and Imperial Skirmisher; and those requiring a UT like Flaming Camel and Harbors), Starting scout unit (Eagle for Aztec, Incas and Mayans), Architecture-Language-Monk sprite.

Anyway I don’t get why you would want a civ generic for everything, even when it makes no sense (ie.why train for a “generic” eagle rush when all 3 eagle civ will have an eco bonus that changes the way you play a bit). If you really want to not risk getting too used to civ bonuses, either play a different civ each time or use one that has not a big bonus for the strat you wanna use (for instance, play as Portuguese for a scout rush)


Seems pretty moddable to me. Just disable trade cars and trade cogs with a mod and you are good to go.

Can you make a video tutorial on how to add 36 the civ and how to share the mod? There is no tutorial from start to end. Can you please answer following question in the tutorial?
1)which dat to open?
2) which language dll to open?
3) how to locate drs?
4)how to add civ?
5)how to add unique units and techs?
6) how to add new unit graphics and building graphics?
7)how to update language file, xml file and tech tree?
8) how to combines things from multiple mods that are already available?
9) how save a mod?
10)how to share a mod and install?

It is impossible to add more civs to the games via modding right now. you can just edit the 35 civs already in the game…

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