Add a "report server" feature

Again, since there seems to be no response except from the community that also sometimes has these issues, here’s hoping somebody from staff will see this.

I love how DE has a smooth buttery experience one game and then 2-3 second lag spikes throughout a match in the next.
Because DE has some trash servers and there’s no “REPORT SERVER” function in game.

Please do this so that people can start reporting servers and get rid of whatever bug,server,game issue is causing this because it’s absolutely unplayable (sometimes).
Again, other times, PERFECT experience and no issues.

**Side note:
Anybody know how to change your username on these forums?

You need to change your xbox live account (connected with forum account) username.

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This forum isnt really friendly to set up. It also took me a while to make an account. In the end somehow i had an account with this username. I still have no idea how they generate this name for me. All in all it is just very bad design of this forum and i hope they devs will change this at some point.