Add an "Age limit" option?


In custom games it will be cool if we have an option to prevent players from progressing to the imperial age.
In Castle age we have ram, siege tower, mangonel, trebuchet… and sieges looks really “Medieval friendly”.
When we reach Imperial age we drop cannons, bombards, powder guns… and sieges looks less “Medieval friendly” by drilling through walls lol.

I would appreciate a custom game with that “Age limit” option : players will not be able to exceed Castle age and we will see more rams, sieges towers, nest of bees :slight_smile:, Springalds… in an advanced game.
This kind of gameplay will exploit a little more the management of the siege than big bombards directly in the face by reachable Imperial age.

Hope it will be added :slight_smile:


idk about that but I would love to see different game modes rotate in ranked. One mode where siege isnt available would be cool. Another where you essentially have to protect your king. there could be a lost of other things that would keep the game fresh

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If we broaden the idea, it will be great to have lots of options in custom games anyway ahah.

But yes, the idea of ​​gamemodes in ranked seems interesting to me (ideas that come to mind):

  • Defending outposts
  • Open and defend trails roads for a defined time
  • Extract all the gold of a specific hill
  • escort a convoy from point A to point B
  • Resist a large AI army that spawns after 40 minutes of play against each player
  • Conquer neutral villages spread over the map, faster than your opponent

    So many possibilities
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those all sound very interesting and i would be interested to see some of those ideas explored further especially for ranked play. I think another big reason things like that could be cool is because they would be very fun to spectate. Could bolster the ESPORT potential even more

100% Agree, one day we may see these ideas in game hopefully

To make such a thing favorable in the eyes of competitive players would be creating maps specially designed to accomodate a different playstyle than normal, in order to balance things out and add extra dynamics to the gameplay, otherwise interest would fall off as the limitations of Dark & Feudal Age were reached.

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There was this pro game, I want to say red bull wololo 3 but correct me if i’m wrong, where one player stayed feudal all game. It was very entertaining, the best match of that tournament.

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Oh I agree with you 100%. Maps would absolutely need to be created around these game modes