Add competitive map in map pool


I would like to know if it would be possible to add the maps that we see from the competition like the Wololo tournament, Aoelympics etc… in the ranked roster, it would pretty ■■■■ cool.



Would be possible but no.


I mean it’s pretty obvious that most of the maps in the main game are pretty bad and they could easily ask mapmakers for their maps but instead they rather have their map maker revisit the maps every few months, make Arabia better, add Cross etc. It’s clear that this is just not something they want to do, maybe it’s because of Microsoft corporate guidelines or something like that. It also feels as if there wasn’t put that much effort in the ranked mode, don’t forget we started with no bans and terrible and unpopular maps… It doesn’t seem like FE is responsible for online things, probably instead some other company who doesn’t know much about AoE2.

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Didn’t they already add cross? They basically took that map and renamed it 4 lakes with a little variation on the HC3 map.

Do you have any specific maps that you are referring to? a lot of maps used in competitions are already in the game, they may not be in the current map pool, and they may have some balance tweaks made for general play as opposed to pro play, but they are essentially the same map.

Many tournaments use modified versions of maps that are in the game, KOTD, for example, is using a much more open version of Arabia, I could see an argument for including this version of Arabia in the map pool in place of the current one, especially as a cool way to promote the tournament, but generally speaking I think most people would prefer the current arabia version instead of one that is much more difficult to play on by design.

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Actually they introduced a bunch of maps in DE that were former community maps. Many of them were from the ECL league and therefore designed for 1v1 and teamgames alike.

The Devs shy away from introducing Maps that were designed to be played 1v1 like Slopes, Cup or Pants…
They also don’t like maps with fixed starting positions for TCs (compared to randomly generated positions).

I believe they should introduce a new “map tab” and call ist something like “special 1v1 maps” or "competitive 1v1 maps " and put fan favourite maps (like Cup) in this category.

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I thought that too after we didn’t get any of the Hidden Cup maps, however the BoA2 and TeTe maps often didn’t meet that criteria and didn’t made it into the official pool too. Also when they added Cross, why did they rename it and didn’t use the already existing Script for the map? Just leads me to thinking they aren’t allowed or don’t want to get stuff not made by the dev team into DE. Which of course leads to most tournament maps not having a chance to ever make it into the official DE maps.

What you said about TG is in addition to that probably still true, Golden Swamp in the end is a “fixed” cup suitable for teamgames and ffa.