Add Conversion Mechanic to All Civs

In 3DE, the Incan civ was given a conversion mechanic for the priestess unit. Religious conversion has been a great part of the age series, something that 3 was always lacking. In general, religious units have been underused and under-whelming in the history of the game.

It would be a really exciting change in the African expansion to introduce this mechanic across the entire game. New units could be added to the civs that lack a natural converter unit type, like a shaman or something.


No. Conversation stuff is broken and a stupid concept, it shouldn’t be buffed or extended in any way.


And very micro intensive. Maybe it’s useful for high value targets as cuirassers or elepehants, but you generally want your attention on hit and run with your ranged units, and flank with your cavalry/shock infantry the vulnerable targets.

it gives a bigger role for healers and increases micro potential, as well as being consistent with the series. if the cooldown is low enough and the conversion fast enough, it will open up new strategies.

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