Add Empire Wars!

Red Bull Wololo is so fun to watch! I’m sure they generate a lot of viewership! Let’s get them generating great tournaments and booming the viewerbase by adding Empire Wars mode to the game!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the game mode in AoE2:DE, here’s a breakdown from Microsoft’s page:

In Empire Wars, players start with a small town and economy. All players start in the Feudal Age, with 27 villagers already working farms, chopping trees and mining gold. Economic buildings and a Barracks are also provided to help you build up through the early stages of the game. Empire Wars is available on all maps included with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition , although your starting town may depend on the map.

The reason why it is so fun to watch for me is because the action almost immediately begins when the match begins. There’s also different strategies from the regular game mode. In particular, players play much more greedily, typically trying to immediately harass their opponent and prevent them from walling and booming (though that sometimes happens to some extent too, it’s just harder to pull off)

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Watching from the Feudal Age is definitely pleasant to watch, saving the commentators and viewers alike from trying to think of something to say during those first few minutes of generic activity that would normally be there.

Nowadays I skip the first 3-5mins of every game I watch except perhaps tournament games. I get that in Dark age some things can happen that add to the story but chances are the real events transpire once players have reached Feudal. DE acknowledged that and because they did Red Bull had a great opportunity to generate content.

Who knows, maybe someone who is unpaid will do this great deed for the community once modding / custom map editor is available.

i’ve made thread “is dark age are too slow or not” some time ago. Some ppl were saying, it’s fine. (some - not).

But i believe a lot of people who were “fine” either left or also tired about current meta.

glad to see that my foresight is good.

10-12 vils + improve speed x1.3.