Add File Info to Latest Patch Descriptions

Hello all,

I want to make a suggestion for the contents of Patch Notes for AoE2DE: is it possible to list the files that were changed in patches? This would be very kind to modders who make mods using specific files in the game (for me, that’s empires2_x2_p1.dat). That way, when I look at Patch 37906 for AoE2DE, I am not wondering whether or not the Ram glitch in Transport ships was fixed in the dat file or some other file, and then can correctly decide on whether or not to update the dat file used in my mod.

To clarify, it’s honestly only important (as a modder) to know that a file was changed in the patch, no need to line up each change to its respective file, that is asking for too much, and I don’t need that.


This would be helpful. I would like to see a list of all added, edited and deleted files.

For my Visible Corpses mod I check after each update whether there are any changes in decay graphics files, so I know whether I should update mod. I have a backup of all decay files from latest version for this check (waste of disk space), but it would be easier if I could just search for decay files from the added/edited/deleted file list.

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There are lists of the changed files for every patch on steamdb. Just select a patch and scroll down to the bottom.