Add hotkey to wooden stockade

Hello, many times winning or losing a game in feudal is closing super quickly, with short closings against militia, or scouts.

The problem is that either a program is used to simulate the two keystrokes, the one for military buildings and then the one for wooden palisade, or it cannot be closed quickly, so in this specific case I ask for a key that does both. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but 10% of the games are decided by this.

It just sounds like you’re not walling up early enough, or properly defending. Quickwalling shouldn’t be necessary until you reach a higher level of play, at which point you should have the APM to pull it off.

We’ve all seen grandmasters save a villager in the middle of nowhere from 3 scouts using wooden palisades, or even save themselves from a boar. Manual dexterity shouldn’t be required to do that, it’s an unfair gameplay limitation.

That’s because the pros are the best of the best. They have skills and efficiency well above the average player. Quickwalling is very much a sign of skill, if you don’t have the speed and accuracy to pull it off, that doesn’t mean it should be simplified, it’s one of the ways you can set different skill levels apart.


Isn’t is already possible to add a hotkey for a specific building (like palissade) ?

Why is it unfair to reward fast players ?


That’s not a better player, it’s because of a game limitation, you’re telling me to use macros because the game can’t do something essential. The same goes for houses and farms.

The use of macros is not cheating, it is using intelligence due to the limitations of the game.

You know people are using image viewing macros to make automation even faster. The game should even out the players in that regard. Yes, there are already macros that are not only for fast ########### you can add intelligence to them.

What matters is the speed of good decisions, not the speed of the hand because the game is limited.

Because it is based on a limitation of the game, having to press two keys instead of one

It’s the speed of both. Macros are an unethical means of cheating in the game. If you’re able to click the right keys faster, you should be rewarded for that. It’s not a limitation of the game to have their system work the way it does, and personally, I totally agree with it, because if it didn’t compress the villager build in that way, there’s not enough space on my keyboard to press stuff properly. So then, instead of being about who has the most skill, it’s about who has the better hardware, which isn’t based on gaming ability in any relevant capacity.


The limitations of the software are bypassed with other software, that’s how it’s always been, what the game doesn’t do, other software will, that’s my job, to create software, that’s why my vision is to remove conditional limitations. Yes, there are enough keys because they are programmable.

The question is the different vision that one has of what the game is, for me physical skill should have as little relevance as possible, because for me what is important is competence in thought, and speed in decision making, not in the physical. The physical movement being necessary, should not be relevant, for me, this is what makes the game a super modern chess.

Except, micro has always been part of RTS games, and having the physical dexterity to pull off amazing micro allows you to make new and different decisions. See: Liereyy microing against Ballistics, etcetera.

Quickwalling can be done without macros and is not a super high level move either. Higher level players likely aren’t using macros for this.

What about speed of good decisions (knowing when and how to quickwall in a tense situation)?


Well, nothing, for that we make everything have three keyboard clicks instead of two, so there will be more physical dexterity.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, there are many keyboards with macros, these problems are skipped the first time, I just wanted to give equality to all players and people who could have a limitation problem in one hand, like me, in one hand I have a limited finger on my left hand.

TheViper has limitations with his wrist and still manages to do fine. I don’t think I’m generally using more than two fingers to quickwall either.

Additionally, there are pro players who manage to work around their lack of speed. I don’t understand why you want to lower the skill cap even further just because someone might have limitations.