Add King of the Hill option to Ranked

In the recent patch notes, I’ve read that the devs are planning to add even niche non-40min Treaty modes.

And that got me thinking; could we also have an option for King of the Hill on Ranked search?
It is currently the only major game mode which isn’t represented, and I think it has potential. It is essentially as competitive as the most popular game mode (Standard Supremacy), with the added element of capturable Fort which prevents games from dragging on too long and encourages more action-packed matches rather than turtling.

Please consider it :slightly_smiling_face:


Op. Paging @zhanson not sure your username here.

Haven’t we already had trade monoplay in standard supremacy? I don’t think adding more modes to further splitting playerbase is a good idea.

Trade monopoly is standard. That’s not a new game mode like koth.

Koth would be more fun if it were ranked and people had specific rank for it imo.

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The only thing I worry about is extra mode might split the playerbase and increase waiting time of existing ranked queue.

As far as I know these special modes like King of the Hill or Death match have never become popular in any AoE franchise. At least I have never seen these modes in the custom lobby. Is it really necessary to add another ranked queue which might be dead soon for these unpopular modes and have the risk of impacting the existing queue?

If we can make sure this won’t effect the current supremacy queue, then I am totally fine.

I think the current custom lobby for these modes is sufficient.

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I feel this is already inherently ensured with the way ranked matchmaking works. You can simply queue up for both game modes at the same time, which is what I would do.

I don’t know. If our daily players peak hits over 20k I might think it is good idea too. If the devs think it won’t effect the waiting time then I am ok.

Sounds like a great mode for custom games since there probably won’t be enough population to support it in quicksearch.

With that being said, unless a seperate rank is added, you probably will lose any motivation to play quickly beacuse you can’t gain MMR.

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yeah while in theory sounds fun, idk if there will be a player base to support it. I can only imagine the koth qs empty after a few months at most

I think the ability to queue for multiple game types makes it possible to add without splitting player base at all. I support anything to get people out of lobbies and into queue for any reason, so I would support KotH ranked.


Probably wont ever peak over 10k, be surpising if it averaged 7k+