Add new Revolution

I thought they changed that in DE and put the tricolor, or am i mistaken (i dont really play france)

You might be thinking of the Germans, they had their flag changed from the Prussian eagle to the HRE flag.

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Have you looked at the old German flag recently? No way that resembles any form of the Prussian flag. It was a fictional monstrosity that was rightfully replaced.

About Poland, that would be a terrible nation to be represented by a revolution. The Polish started the game’s time period as a massively powerfull nation. It later evaporated in the three Polish partitions being divided between Prussia, Austria and Russia. At the end of the game’s time period there was no longer a Poland on the map, it took till the end of WWI to reemerge.
It’s basically the opposite of what a revolutionary nation would be in this game.

As one of the largest European empires, it should be on top of the list if there would ever be a new European nation added as a full fledged civ.

Eh, it looks like the prussian eagle with an extra head and yellow feet instead of red.

Whatever the flag was in vanilla it was not the prussian flag. The Prussian eagle is known to have one head, which that flag didnt have. It also had a red plume on its head which the Prussian eagle didnt have.

It was a artists render of a German flag. Not a flag in specific unless you can give me a Prussian flag exactly like the one in vanilla.

Also from a design perspective its logical the background color was white. The eagle is black if you put blue or red background it already looks like a weird flag. Yellow isnt possible because than it looks almost the same as the vanilla Russian flag.

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