Add new Revolution

I have idea about countries can make revelotion but I’m not sure bonus, units and cards, i don’t mind and feel free to add that from my idea.

So let’s start lists:

Germans: Poland and Austria
Russians: Poland, Moldova and Ukraine
Ottomans: Ukraine and Tunisia
British: Hong Kong
French: Vietnam
Swedes: Norway
United States: Liberia

That’s all but I’m not sure with Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, well you can add them countries from my lists.

People who haven’t familiar with Moldova.
Well i can send Wiki and Picture here:

Well, any thoughts?

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Poland (and Italy) could be both potential revolution civs and full playable civs. I wonder why they are not added as revolutions. I believe there should be plans to make them major civs but the devs never said a word about it.
Greece would also be a nice revolution option.


I’m not sure about Poland is fully playable civ but i agree with you about Italy is fully playable civ because Italy have history to war with Ethiopia.

Greece is fit for revolution option from ottomans.

Maybe they will add new revolution from African Expansion DLC, example Liberia is Africa country and it is possible revolution for United States.


i dont understand the german-norway and the french-korea rev. ideas, are there historical connections? :slight_smile: also i dont think, moldavia should be a seperate revolution, since they later joined with wallachia and formed romania


He’s probably referring to modern Moldova, which consists of Moldavian territories that were constantly getting pushed back and forth between being part of Romania and being part of Russia, until they became independent in 1990. Very much not fitting in the game, but Moldovans have a very fierce nationalism and try to distance themselves from Romania despite the shared history, culture and language.


About Germany-Norway and French-Korea.
I’ve researched that today and I’m apologizing for being misremember. I’m going to edit post right now.

True, Moldova and Romania are familiar but they’re different.


Last Prince of Moldavia.


For Spanish; Philippines as a revolution. The country was conquered by Spain for 300 years if I recall.


Alexandru Ioan Cuza is the one who formally merged Wallachia and Moldavia into Romania. Romania then earned independence after the Russian-Romanian-Ottoman war, and that is long after the formation of Romania under Cuza. Since the Romanian revolution is available to both Ottoman and Russian civilizations, it is most likely that it points to this war and not some de facto independence that they had from earlier time.

This is after 50 years of communist brainwashing. Those territories have always been under some sort of Romanian speaking control, part of the reason they speak Romanian to this day. Under the timeframe of the game, they were part of the small union of Romania, and stayed that way until WW2, when they were forcefully taken away by treaties between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

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Not entirely. Most of its history as part of the Kingdom of Moldavia it was either a vassal or protectorate of the Ottomans with a small period of being under Polish control, then in 1812 it was ceded to the Russian Empire by the Ottomans, before becoming part of Moldavia again in 1856.

In 1859 Moldavia joined Romania, but they had to cede Moldova’s region back to the Russians in 1878, under whose control it remained for the rest of the 19th century.

All in all Moldova, was only part of Romania for only 19 years during the game’s time frame.

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I see.
Maybe Moldova is fit for AoE2.

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Bro you are austrian, maybe you can focus & create a topic about austrian civilization for AOE III DE in future :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love Austria is fully playable civ for AoE3DE but it is pretty familiar with Germans because Germans is holy roman empire, prussia, austria and half Italy combine.

To be honest, i actually hoped AoE4 time period of pre-WW1 because Austrian Empire and German Empire are completely different and they’re pretty popular.

Well AoE4 is end up for like AoE2 time period, i can do nothing and i accepted it.

But I’m not fully experience for units, cards and bonus yet.

I might will post Austria is fully playable civ future when i have feel.

But i think Austria is better revelotion option for Germans, my opinion.


Belgium as a revoluion for the Dutch, French and Prussia would really be nice.

Apart from the Brabançonne revolutionaries they should get:

  • factories;
  • railway cards due to the belgium faster industrialization.
  • French Gendarmes and Tiralleur Cards due to the french aid in their independence (or other units in case you are revolting with france);

Belgium as a revolution is pretty cool idea because they have two uniques.

A Belgian machine gun team:

Belgian Legion:

Possible cards! And add uniques on Barracks and Artillery Foundry.


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Instead of Ukraine or Tunisia, I think Greece is a far better fit as a revolution option for the Ottomans. It fits the time period (Greek War of Independence - 1821-1829) and is extremely important because it was the first successful war of independence against the Ottomans and because there were volunteers from all over Europe who fought in this war.


I’ve researched about Greece history today, it was really interesting. I agree with you, it is pretty potential revolution.


Italy yes, poland in my opinion not so much.

But its more 2 civs in my opinion for later down the line if we get more civs then a priority. Africa civs are the most important imo right now and Im happy they are making those.

Poland would fit better in my opinion as a revolution civ like Hungary.


Greek Revolution would be real nice :smiley:

As of today Ottomans do not have a really viable revolution and greece could be it.

The issue is how to “change” the Janissaries and Abus Guns since those are quite firmely ottoman units. The revolution should "change all Janissaries and Abus to (insert greek national unit names).

A card regarding brit support and european volunteers would also be nice.


We might also consider something like “Revolutionary France”.

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Already in the game:
Napoleon Bonaparte with Bourbon flag, but no one care…