Add new WONDERS to Asia and balance the old

AOE3DE give Europe and Native several new age up options,but you forget Asia,that disappoint me a lot.
Please add one new WONDER to each Asian country.
And,balance the old WONDERS to make them all usefull and practical!
I am an experienced China player, so I take China WONDERS for example.
The Summer Palace is almost the only choice aging up to commercial age,because other WONDERS are rubbish in age2.
–1.The Confucian Academy should send at least 5 CHU KO NUs as they worth 425F, rather than 4 CHU KO NUs for 340F. And, The Confucian Academy should allow to product Flame Thrower as well! The Flying Crow is weak in age2 and we take centuries to wait for it, really useless. Flame Thrower is a good and distinctive thing, however there’s always no chance and no time to product them, if add this option to The confucian Academy,we can see more Flame Thrower in age2, which give China a new tactics.What’s more,add an upgrade option that unlock in age4,to accelerate the training speed of Flying Crow.
–2.The White Pagoda should also send 5 disciples,and unlock 20 upper limit. Or,send the second Shaolin Master instead of disciples,and still unlock 10 disciples upper limit.
–3.The Porcelain Tower is wonderful in age3 and age4 ,but is weak in age2.As it provides a chance for China to boom, I suggest you add a new effect to it ——give discount for every building cost as Portugal consulate does.
–4.The Temple of Heaven is now buffed,but still not so good. Because healing isn’t powerfull in AOE3,I recommand that shorten its CD to 120S.

Other opinion:
1.PLZ Debuff The Golden Pavilion of Japan! It should buff military units according to the base\original data, instead of current data.That’s unreasonable.
2.PLZ Debuff The Agra Fort.It’s the only WONDER that can attack,that’s quite aggressive for opponent,so its HP should not be as high as other WONDERs, I recommand that its HP be under 4000.

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No. Asian civs have full Unique rosters, like the Native civs, so they have to pay for that with less Age Up options.

Giving Europeans a lot of Age Up options is what finally made them interesting to play, instaed of alwyas being the same regardless of civ, most of the time.

Europe also went through the most political transformations in the timeframe of the game, so it makes sense, not to mention that Natives and Asians have asured choices no matter what they Age Up with, while Euros have choices that cannot be reversed.

You missed that Golden Pavilion for Fortress? You can still get it for Industral or Imperial.
Miss that Logistician in Colonial? You will never have his Colonial effects in this match.

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porcelain tower should be autoupgrade his gather rate in which age it is…build in age 2 an in age 3 it get age 3 gather rate!!!
Japanese wonder are always useful… not depends on age


that would be ok, too


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i thought they gonna add 5th ally to the consulate but…

that would be OK too!

I do think some rebalancing should be done, but probably just small buff to tweak under-used wonders. China’s first wonder is a good example because Summer Palace is almost always the go-to for every china player for every strategy. 400 food + a unit factory worth 4 vills is simply better than any other option for the first wonder. I really like the 2nd shaolin master idea. Since disciple limit is so low, the bonus from the white pagoda can never really compare to the economic or military power the other wonders provide. But the current bonus + a 2nd shaolin master adds more long-term value.

Lastly, I have to disagree about temple of heaven. that ability is already very powerful, and the temple also allows the shaolin master to heal passively, so the cooldown probably should not be reduced.

LOL if needed! thats a buff to the tiny fort! with a mere 25 attack and, hitpoints of a Single wall !!! even the outposts and blockhouses, outmatch the so called “Fort”!

True ! thats implemented on Agra fort already in DE

Nothing new, but true!

if porcelain tower autoupgrade its gether rate,it would be a practical wonder to go ff

Porcelain tower should not auto-upgrade. Agra Fort auto-upgrades in order to maintain the same level of combat-relevance throughout the game, because units get stronger. Units do not get more expensive, however, and 4 vills worth of resource trickle will produce units at the same rate at any point in the game.

Even without auto-upgrading, porcelain tower is still the best wonder china has. I don’t think it needs a buff of any kind.

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