Add patent levels again so we will more or less know the abilities of the opponents and teammates

in 2v2 3v3 games it is almost impossible for you to win because of the noobs and this is very annoying because you perceive a good aoe3 player by your deck and your level as lieutenant sergeant major and captain please add again


I agree the old rating system was better.

Just take a good team partner and troll all the noobs using match making.

Take Lakota or Inca and bash all the noobs. Its works well cause match making never generates a fair team play.


Lol just checked the steam commuty hub. Only 2k play aoe 3 DE right now.

They killed the game : also by listing to the esoc guys lobbying against rated lobbies.


SamuraiRevolution said it best: The game was 90% perfect. The devs focused on redoing the 90% and ignored the 10% that actually needed to get fixed. What was wrong with the ESO layout? Was it all too easy and streamlined?


Dead because actual game breaking bugs and issues occurred and the beta testers didn’t do their job. Now I bet devs just focus more on other games anyway.

Still in the process of having the ranking system fixed where it works one time, then doesn’t work another time, and then might crash and lose randomly, so the ELO has been broken even if it’s a bit better now.

I enjoyd learning to play it but that’s about it, and AoE3 still basically had online/multiplayer as far as I kno so, the issues are just too unforgivable. But I never would have even tried the original probably anyway.

If those baseline issues weren’t there I’d definitely be playing a few more games but rating is just inaccurate, the game is the simplest out of the 3 or 4 ensemble games. Sometimes, you could just find a good match, but usually not. It’s simple and the balance is for 1v1. Sometimes I found bad random matches where slightly worse players do 3v1 tactics which is too much for a lot of random players to react to (like the guy above mentions, he is bad but he ‘trolls doing 2v1’ and so you can be in a game but teammates are not so competent, and then causes inbalances even if you do well). It’s very simple to just spam out units and do that because aoe3 is just a simplified RTS, so less room for like bad players being worse off and good players able to do 2v1s and other things you could sometimes do in like AoE and AoM to survive (if you just knew what to do and had the skill ceiling). But mostly inaccurate rating is what killed it for me, so even queuing for games is useless (does not count for me, or randomly win/loss, if crashing it’s just a loss). The fact I had to come here 3 week later after release… and no one had posted about it, then it broke for everyone shortly afterward, it’s sad. The rating being broken meant even people with high win rates might be slightly worse, and I beat them, but it was custom or didn’t count anyway, then no need to stay playing the game to accomplish anything.

Yeah, everything about multiplayer mode in DE mostly sucks compared to legacy ESO.

Is so boring to wait 6-7 minutes in QS, and we’re talking about a recent launched game.

And the lobbies tittles are so funny, “2v2 no noob”, this is not gameranger lol. If there is an ELO system why don’t the players just “2v2 1X00+”. Sometimes the lobby is only “2v2” and u need to enter and check if is a decent room, if not out.

But there are other topics complaining about this, I hope that the devs read them some day.


Yeah, idk why they’re doing that. Maybe they don’t like the idea of playing ranked games with random teammates. I kind of understand that, I was used to play with players I known in ESO, so start playing team games in QS wasn’t the most pleasure sensation haha, but well, u get used to it


It’s part of the community fault.

Just remember all the players saying they didnt want ranked lobbies anymore first week after launch.
And now here we are.

2 days ago i waited more than 45 minutes in team QS. and i reloged 3times thinking it was a bug.

So yeah, adding the olds ranks in lobbies is a most have, as soon as possible.

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I only play QS, and I am currently in the top20 in teamgames.

But i would like ranked lobbies, like so much. I just can not play QS when my mates are not online, because the game give me sergent in my team even if i’m playing vs a top 10 premade team…

You can’t blame people for not using QS if they don’t want to loose vs premade team everytime when the game makes random teams with randoms rank for them.

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lol, 45 minutes? When the timer reach 10m I stop looking for a game and wait some hours to see if more players connect. Something that cause this problem is probably ur rank, I’m in top 100 in teamgames and I normally wait 3+ minutes to find a game, rarely is less than that.

The question of Beta testers I agree I think it was not enough they did not do the work they had to do they did not warn of bugs

I have no problem waiting, but they should add a count of people in QS around ur rank, so u don’t wait for nothing :confused:

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I don’t think you need to worry about that QS will give you sergent teammates… QS only gives you teammates and oppenents near your skill level, and this is exactly the reason why you take much longer time than average players to get a game when the majority only need to wait about 5~10 mins…

And I don’t think Ranked lobby can solve this either. It is nothing to do with QS at all. Even we really get a ranked lobby, there are still few people want to play against a top 20 player and you know you still have to wait for long time a get a proper team game. I believe the situation will only get worse.

I think If a top player like you really want to get a team game more quickly, the only way is to find more reliable teammates yourself, accept playing with random teammates like the others, or just play 1v1…

That’s a very good idea. Show how many players around ur level are in QS.

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False, QS sometimes gives u BS. Recently I got in a 1200 game, I noticed it cuz i expect them to play well and that didn’t happen, after the game I checked their ELO’s. Also, there is an ELO hell around 1300/1400, where play 3v3 is almost impossible to win if your team is not premade.

Again, false 21. I was top 10 in aoe3 nilla in team games around 2015. Everyone wants to play with u, I remember that a lot of pr 28+ always joined in the rooms just to have the experience of playing with a top player. Also being top doesn’t mean u can play with players below u, for example a 1700+1300 vs 1700+1300 would be a fair match. Im sure that QS will hardly do that

So, if you’re good, there’s nothing to do, just play in bad conditions most of the times? That sucks man, there are more players like @UnlimitedSnaky and me that enjoy more playing teamgames

You dont think haha i think u are a liar .And I also think you most likely a esoc member. Your site should be boycotted. For me your matches and streams are DEAD ! Never ever i would donate for you guys again!

Only 10 minutes? Time seems to be somethng cheep for you . With ranked lobbies we would find within 1-2 min a fair game.

Not true. As a 1leut i saw enough top player joinng our games and we still could balance it when knowng the rank of others

I agree! Yeah thanks to esoc community and u guys .

Accept? It sounds like ## Eat or Die ##
And guess what is happenng ? yes the game is dying

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That’s why I find it frustrating, on the old system I could have a game whenever i want alone, and just get other people joining the lobbies until we’re 4 or 6 of the same lvl.

Now, if i have no mate online, I can not play or only 1v1. :confused:

And no, the system rather gives you a low player fast than a high player slowly. Trust me, i tried team QS alone many times. ^^

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It is very annoying to play this new game, there is no way to see the deck of others, there is no patent as in the old one, there is no way to see the ping if it is in the red yellow and green the game has more lag than the old one, and there is many bugs

sim seria ótimo mesmo se voltasse ao padrão de antes

Even if there were a larger playerbase due to rating inflation related to the algorithm they chose it wouldn’t make much of a difference with players being at different levels of rating inflation depending on activity and level of rating in unrelated game modes. Here’s one example of a random sup player with about the same rating as Floko in treaty due to increased rating mobility caused by their rating in team sup lol.

Rating example

@vividlyplain If you’re advocating for custom game players to use their qs rating to determine skill levels will you defend this or? Aoe de already reset their ratings because of inflation earlier and it’s not going to stop with them lol.