Add slow down (snare) on AOE-4

The slow down for those who don’t know is basically units that move slower when attacked. In the case of AOE-3, when they are melee attacked.

In SC-2 for example there are several ways to do this. For example the Infestor unit has an ability that causes units to slow down, or the Protos Mothership that generates a field where units within that field move significantly slower.

Since this game doesn’t have friendly fire damage, nor chance to dodge projectiles like in AOE-2, they could add slow down so that good micromanagement is rewarded or punished depending on the case.


I was thinking I want to see this mechanic built into the terrain. Snare when crossing a river, or swamp, or maybe even uphill. Stealth forests are cool, need more terrain features like it.

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Cavalry are alreqdy exceptional strong in this game an overall snare mech would favor Cavalry even more…

IFF however they wanted to add snare to spearman exclusively? I think it would bode well.

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Not really, with snare cav armies cant run that easily. The best example of this is the case of incan chimu runners, that couldnt be snared and then devs became them snareable as they were too OP

AOE3 have a good range attack disperse mechanism for avoid overkill, that must import to AOE4, that will let AOE4 be better.

Yeah, overkills are nuts in aoe4. I don’t understand how can they manage to make a modern game’s mechanic worse than it’s predecessor’s. Even other early 21th cent. games have better range attack distribution than aoe4.

Idk about snare though, spearman can already stun cavalry and thats the only snare/stun mechanic needed imo.


Slow would be good but since the units can’t kill each other for ages, especially MAA can also be added - %armor to the snared units.
Slow can be implemented by unit who make traps, traps would be invisible and can be detected by scout and towers. Different kind of traps would be good but oh well.
Something like bola warriors from Inca empire but they need to release Inca for that.
Chopping trees to cut the reinforcement would be interesting mechanic or diggin a whole who can trap units inside. Some unit that throw net, or net trap could be viable. Making mud terrain would be viable.
Puting oil and setting it on fire can be good bait mechanic with that could be implemented upgrade for arrows to turn into fire arrows. That way the can do bonus dmg to structures and fire the oil trap.
So much mechanics can be done but I don’t think they will do any of that.
Horses can use stances for riding. Fast, they take more dmg but run alot faster, normal - the same as now and slow - trample do aoe dmg to the melee units.
MAA can run use run ability like the DELHI one. Can use formations, shield wall etc. Archer can do barrage of arrows as a skill. There can be guys with small rams for early attacks like sappers.
Elephant can go on rage mod.
Priest can have aura abilities which buff speed, put aoe circles in area or do buff dmg wise.
This is just random ideas that can make the game 10 times more interesting

All this kind of cheating is not necessary, as it would make the game too complex, but slowing down would be nice and would make realistic sense.

Would like to see a snare or something similar to help chase down cavalry behind your lines.

Unless you went cavalry yourself chasing them down on larger team maps is near impossible with infantry.

I want units to be faster downhill a d slower uphill.

no this thing shouldnt come to aoe4 it will ruin the fun

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Give spear like melee units extended range. As a bsm upgrade. Feudal upgrade 75w 150g adds 1.0 tile range to all melee units that use a polearm.

Spearman donso go from 0.29 to 1.29 range
Horsemen spahi fire lancers sofia also up to 1.29 tile range
War Elephant from 1.0 to 2.0 tiles (also increase the tusk range to keep the unit from under utilizing tusk dmg).

Potentially this will allow these units to attack twice per chase instead of once which effectively doubles chase down dps BUT does nothing extra vs head to head.

Add it devs!!!

:D:D:D Shneider you are going to break the game are you crazy :D:D aoe 4 dont need slow down we have charging,units charges with increased speed and it is better than aoe3 snare because in that game all the units you chose gets slow down not one

I really hope generic snare like aoe3 doesn’t get added. Don’t mind some ability for specific units or something. Maybe a unique ability for Norse raiders or something

So you’re buffing cavalry (which are the problem) and spears? The spears won’t even be affected as much as the cavalry. Are abb spears any better at chasing down cavalry? I don’t think so

Maybe just give horsemen an attack bonus Vs Vils or something, and double spear range for starters.

Range on melee units makes a bigger difference than you might realise. We know this from aoe2 with kamayuk and step lancer, how just increasing range can exponentially improves the dps potential of massed units

But sometimes I do wonder if pathing priority is the cause for raiding not being as effective as it should be. If Vils couldn’t just push through enemies and if Vils didn’t get that sprint mechanic when running away, raids could be so much more effective in some cases

Aoe3 is using the snare effect probably because of the close combat mechanic. High range damage unit has weak melee damage so players can switch to melee attack to block opponents high damage. If a musketeer can force a skirmisher to hand to hand combat, skirmisher cant shoot. So if there is a mechanic, you need to use it effectively so the unit you’re chasing souldn’t step away and keep shooting easily. So snare effect is a thing that works in AoE3 world, that might ruin the Aoe4.

Edit: Also resistances is arranged according to that mechanic. Skirmishers has only ranged resistance.

Snare on melee attacks is in Age of Mythology. It’s a 10% slow for I think .9 seconds when any melee unit hits most other units. I think only siege units ignore it, and maybe a few other very slow units.
AOM also has ranged unit accuracy, a unit moving 5.0 speed or greater will be missed by most ranged attacks, but a 5.4 speed unit hit in melee will be moving slow enough to be struck accurately by an archer. AOM actually has several complex mechanics involving its ranged attacks, such as the first arrow max range miss modifier(actually two variables working in concert) that takes a hard edge off the “alpha strike” power of an archer deathball that we see very prominently in AOE4. In fact the AOM unit the Chariot Archer would, with its relative stats translated over into AOE4, would be hilariously beyond broken in AOE4 where it’s just a solid unit in AOM. All of those things like melee snare and ranged accuracy make AOM feel very natural in most situations, but there are some downsides.
With the melee snare effect however you couldn’t have unit attack charges from AOE4, that’s not just knights, but MAA and spearmen have charges too. Taking a melee snare after a marching drills MAA charges you would be beyond frustrating. AOM also has very durable villagers compared to AOE4, even so, melee snare still makes even some of the worst run-you-down melee units(one of which, ironically, is a unit called Raiding Cavalry) very powerful harassment units in AOM. While AOE4 could do with a hefty change to the effectiveness of archer units in their ability to pick villagers with each in most situations compared to any other AOE4 unit, it would be better with a ranged unit nerf rather than an incongruent buff to melee units that most likely make small batches of melee units such as MAA even more synergistic with a ranged deathball than they already are.

In short; AOE4 isn’t designed to have the melee snare effect, so introducing it wouldn’t work, it’s designed with other things (like unit charge) in mind. For better or worse, it’s virtually impossible for them to change the game so much to make melee snare fit.

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My suggestion doesnt add any slow? It adds range to certain melee and directly increases chase down dps. And like @PlumpDucklin mentions woul help some mass vs mass melee fights due to less repositioning to re-attack and or pick a new target.

Raiding is good for the game, problem is only fast units can chase fleeing villagers and or armies. If the add range as i suggested a lot more vils and other stuff will die while running away and not just to cav.

Phalanx currently gives double the range, so from 0.29 tiles to .58 tile range. I’m suggesting a whole tile on top of that for each unit referenced. There is no way this wouldn’t have significant dps impact

no i told that to response to the thread but giving them range can broke the game because they can attack from other units back so the cheap units can defeat the expensive ones like man at arms at higher numbers but yes raiding is good for the game but 1 tile range is too much