Add Taunt: What resources do you need?

It’d be nice if “What resources do you need?” could be added as a taunt/chat command in game. Sometimes in team games players have extra resources that they may want to send to other players, but don’t know if the other players need them.


would certainly be a nice addition, kinda suprised it isn’t there yet

I agree. Or just ‘Ask me for extra resources’ or something like that.

I’m pretty sure there is some sort of way to use text macro’s (is that what that’s called?) in combination with aoe2. T90 cast some games by a guy that used a certain string of text messages to lure opponents into a false sense of security. The exact same messages, including the exact same “hasty” typo’s, like “I meant to pick magyard”.

I don’t know how it works, but this should be possible.

Taunts with audio are probably harder. I’m assuming the recipient needs to already have the audio file for that, for starters.

The reason I’d want it as a taunt is because all of the taunts in the game have text translations for all of the game’s supported languages (I’m not sure about audio translations). Having it as a built-in taunt that’s automatically translated would resolve any language barrier issues.


Yeah, but we shouldn’t encourage macro’s, because they are bad sportsmanship.

O wait, I was misinterpreting the question. I thought OP wanted to know what you needed to be able to add your own taunts. My apologies.

Another benefit to making this a taunt is the AI can be programmed to respond to it.


Nice idea, I support this being added to the game