Add team 3v3 and 4v4 to ranked PLEASE

Why no team play in ranked Relic? I would say over half of the online player base likes team games more then boring 1v1.
This need to be added in with ranked patch asap.
Why would you not include this in ranked play??
I for one do not like playing 1v1 and would love to play ranked team games and even FFA. Im sure many feel this same way.

Also lets get some of the playermade maps in ranked while were at it. There 100% better maps.
That new Arena map. Mabe that mega random map. These are things your player base wants.

Some of the new player made maps are just better maps.
Also will you add a arcade mode for DOTA and castle defense type game play maps? That would be a step in the right direction.


I think they will in the future

1v1 is not live yet and you ask for 2v2 3v3 , be patient men


10 years later :rofl:

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yea comming in 2024 when 50 people still play this

Same for me would be a shame not add team ranked as soon as possible. For me this would be a reason to quit this game.

Ranked seasons for teams would be very cool. In addition I would also like coop-campaign. I think coop-campaign is even more important to satisfy casual players.

Finally we got 1vs1 ranked… For now I don’t have a partners for more than 2vs2 in ranked, so I don’t bother for higher numbers