Add to Steam Library

I bought this a couple years back when it was first released on the Microsoft Store and now that it’s available on Steam surely I should be able to manually add it to my Steam library as I like everything in one place. Is this possible? I can’t seem to locate it on my PC to manually add. I don’t want to have to buy it again on Steam just to get it on my Steam library when I already own it.

Hi @MarinaraBike173, You can add a non-Steam game to your Steam library using the instructions here. These instructions do not add the game to your Steam account. It only creates a shortcut to the Microsoft Store game in your Steam library.

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If you want to waste hours of your time giving yourself admin access and decryption to get into the folders then try opening source folder. The folder the game is in is straight letter mumbo jumbo

Yeah, all I want is the shortcut but I can’t even find the Age folder in Packages