Add Vandals to RoR and give Armenians' naval bonuses to Vandals

So, 1) developers still get a naval DLC civ, 2) players who complain about that RoR has only one aoe2 civ, get a second civ directly involved to western Romans’ history, and 3) historical accuracy (regarding the S-tier Armenians’ navy) gets unspoiled.

Replace Armenians’ naval bonuses with something else.


Definitely not the first person ot call for a Vandal civ for sure

Im pretty sure they are not going to change the civi design due to some random poster asking.

Adding vandals and some other civi would be a good way to give the romans a campaign if they want to do that.

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Incidentally, I came up with a Vandals civ the other day, and it has things in common with the Armenians. So yes, I like this idea for the future.

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Armenian design is just silly… I get that they wanted to include Cilicia but that’s why splits exist even if a lot of people are against them. And it’s also a proof (as if bohemians who are just Hussites were not enough) that Devs design civs around a specific campaign rather than campaigns around civs.
I guess that if they wanted a specific campaign set in Cilician Armenia they were kinda forced to design them like that but that leaves out actual Armenia which was the whole point of adding it lol. They could have added a more classic Armenian civ maybe and then eventually split it later…

Finally yeah Vandals would be such a cool civ for their history, the era, the ground they covered and the unique flavour they could have. The Armenian demolition ship bonus is totally for them. They had a kingdom in Africa so you can’t complain about nooo Europe lol
Big occasion for Romans campaign too of course in a DLC adding Vandals and another late antiquity civ, maybe Longobards or Saxons… (No Longobards are not Italians like vandals are not Africans, they were Germanic tribes!)

I’d be happy if Vandals coming, and I think the current Armenians naval bonuses are a bit much.
Armenians maybe overpowered in Castle age because they are access:

  • Champion & Halbs + unique archer with armor ignore ability
  • Double projectiles for galley-line + range bonus
  • Increased demolition ship blast radius

You could sort through their bonuses and give it to the vandals:

Vandals could get the range bonuses for Galley-line and dromon + Increased Demo ship blast radius (max 20%) (if they have access Siege engineers).

Maybe if they don’t have access to siege engineers:
Dromons +2 range civ bonus and imperial age unique tech that gives dromons +40% attack vs buildings

  • Demolition ship discounts per age