Adding Friends?

Does anyone have any advice on adding friends? I tried to add a player who was on my team in the last game, but he doesnt even come up on because he hasnt played a ranked game before.

Infact I tried searching my own username on and it didnt even come up with a result and I do play ranked games.

What is the problem?


cuz devs are not playing this game
They don’t know why it is needed


You need 10 ranked games before you will be on the ladder.

The game uses you steam friend list. Not sure how it works for Xbox live users.

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I actually can’t find my unranked profile either

It’s kinda strange

There is a second requirement: the last game must be in last 28 days.

Makes a lot more sense now.


If you are on Steam you could try searching their username in the community tab under “find people” and you could add them from there if you find them.

His name was “IstanBull” which came up with about 25 players and steam doesnt show recently played games, at least not on my screen. 11.

You can go to Your match history, and find that person. It finds their Steam account / AOE account

Except for the fact that my account does not appear on there. I have played several ranked games in the last week.

On top of that he hasnt played any ranked games.