Adding new friends in game

@devs will yall ever improve the feature to add new friends that we meet while playing? it seems incredibly hard to add new friends

  1. the ranked lobby sucks hard

  2. we can invite players to our clan (like wtf is the purpose of a clan anyway?) which serves no purpose

  3. there’s no way to directly add players to our friends list, we have to hunt them down via steam (if that steam “recently played with” doesnt pick them up then we hunt through steam players)

all boils down to an extremely convoluted, unpleasant MP experience wrt expanding our player base

which is further compounded by the terrible match making, and plethora of rude/selfish allies


Yes, we need an overhaul of the “Social” features in-game.


Yeeeesssss I often make friends and then after the game is over I wonder if ill ever play with them again. We need an easier way to friend people. PLEASSSSSE


go on search him on Leaderboard DE, go on his profile, klick “Show Steam account” and then invite him to friends


thanks man, thats a good work around indeed! will definitely come in handy in the long run, pity its such a long way to do it… im used to Company of heroes, where you can add friends from the end game stats…

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Yes please help Microsoft and everyone, how the heck do I add a new friend I just matched with. It seems to ridiculous!!!


Still having no in-game adding friends feature today

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Yeah it sucks. But one way of doing it besides is to go to your profile in the main menu and it lists recently played allies /opponents. Can add from there.

But besides that seems devs don’t care… :confused:

I tried, found previous games players, but not all, many are missing, even the latest previous game players.

My ally disconnected, auto saved the game, but can’t invite back to restore as we’re not friends and his name wasn’t shown in the list.

When I tried to search his name from global search (which is a good feature), found his name, but can’t add, nor right click to add on Steam.

C’mon dev! If you don’t want to handle in-game friends adding, then please allow to add friends on Xbox or Steam via in-game invite. We can’t chat nor add friends after ally game disconnected until we somehow join another game together by luck only get to chat again, this is so bad! :frowning:

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that really sucks, sorry man, now that you mention it ive had similar issues in the past, and used to get around it… wish they would just fix it

Please Microsoft copy the friends system from voobly or from anywhere. Just do it already :smiley: It is almost year 2021 and there are no friends in aoe2DE

This is really sad in the game, people don’t have their steam code on their heads to ask partners to add you during the game. This is horrible. clans are useless, they only serve to put an acronym to the name. Fix this please!

This should be a featured moved to the top of the list. At least to the extent to where a player can update their DE profile and add Steam/Discord/Xbox info/ID/icon that when you hover over it in the lobby, the person has the option to add friend via those attributes listed.

bump. October 21 and still no change. Its a basic function of online multiplayer to make friends so please make this easier and inter-connected with steam.

It would be also nice to be able to send a single comment with a friend request over steam. Tons of scammers and phishers out there but don’t let that kill basic sociality. If I want to give a team player who leaves early a quick tip or advice and add friend for future play, thats positive interaction so give it the respect for us non-A-holes.

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2 years in. This should be a no-brainer so players can grow a sustainable community.