Adding unique wonders and different scenario editor buildings, Scenario editor AI and PER files

Hello community, these ideas I have had for a long time ever since I begun playing the original and have reemerged since I bought AOE DE.
Now this probably has been touched upon, but I feel that wonders should be unique for each civ. Sumerians and assyrians building pyramids, Hittites - hanging gardens , Carthaginian, macedonian and Palmyra - colosseums make zero sense historically, always felt kind of weird.
I know this topic has been posted before, but it would be cool if the devs could fix this little issue with new geniune AOE style graphics designs. I also have ideas about which buildings exactly could the new wonders resemble.
Also, in the scenario editor it would be cool if they could add some buildings for just purelly aesthetical or specifical purposes. For example, sea walls, these arched wall gate from Babylon, where units could pass beneath them for example. Just scenario editor buildings for coolness and aesthetics and scenario editor functionalities.
And lastly, in the old AOE there used to be per and ai files for the Computer bots and you could write them to modify the Bots behaviour. The AI files strangely was about what units the bot should make, e.g. make 5 villagers, then build barracks, then research X, then never create war elephants etc. While the .per (personality) file defined the AIs behaviour, defensive, offensive, economics etc. Is there something analogous in the DE version, as it would create many options for defining the bots and making cool scenarios