Adding unselect hotkey

Hi there,

i basicly use an for me improved Grid hotkey system.

This leads to the problem that when I have a villager selected and want to jump to a TC by pressing “Q” may builder goes into the EconomibBuilding mode. the only option atm for me is to deselect the villager by pressing LMB.

Would it be possible to add a unselect hotkey? can this be modded?

I than you put it on my end on the “SPACEBAR” so if i want to jump to a building i just have to press “SPACE” followed by to Building hotkey i want to jump to.

Greetings Finndu

If you hold ctrl when left clicking on selected units it deselects them.

With regards to hotkeys … I recommend using hotkeys that don’t clash. The fact that economic buildings and select town center are the same hotkey is indeed an issue.

But the good thing about hotkeys is that you can customize them :slight_smile:

You can press Escape to deselect any currently selected units.

Thank you for the hint. Though that seems quite inconvinient.

True, i wil try to setup my Hotkeys so that i have no double use.
And i have the hole Keyboard… not only teh buttons around WASD :smiley: