Advanced arsenal vs Springfield armory

I like the card advanced arsenal and I usually have it in my decks.
This card allow arsenal to be build in the colonial age and, above all, it allows 6 new techs to be researched in it.

By contrast, USA have Springfield armory. This card ship 1 arsenal wagon and allows the 6 new techs to be researched as well. In addition, the “classic” arsenal tech are free to research (at a cost of +250% research speed). I find this card very strong and immensly superior to advanced arsenal.

I know that cards among different civ are not meant to be strictly balanced. However, in this case, I find the gap to be too much/ Maybe it’s time to buff advanced arsenal ? Maybe by sending one arsenal wagon ? It could allow more colonial play


AS USA, you just build 2 Arsenals (500 Wood), send in the Springfield Armoury, and get all your upgrades at the same time as Euro civs can finish theirs, but only paying 500 Wood, which is much less than what all the Euro civs have to pay.

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I’d also like to see AA buffed, at the very least the card should decrease wood cost of arsenal, to say 150 or 200w.


Well, considering swedes have AA for free and Americans have this nonsense for a shipment. Its only fair that AA should give an arsenal wagon as well as making the improvements cheaper.


The sweden bonus i guess is balanced. They just give it one card as a bonus.
The American card bonus can be balanced easily - Just make the arsenal limited to one per civ (like the church)

I think swedes are fine, but I still don’t like the idea of them getting AA for free when every other civ has to send a whole shipment for it.
I like the idea of limiting the arsenal construction to 1 though. That might work quite well.
It would at least solve one of the many problems created with that civ

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No, sometimes you need to get 2 Arsenals.
May sound silly, but sometimes you really need those upgrade, fast, specially in Treaty, when time is running out.

If you seriously want to suggest this, then ALL civs need access to arsenal, or rather the techs added by arsenal. For example China has no way to get the techs for 10% faster infantry movement speed, faster artillery movement speed, artillery sight range, increased HP on Archer units, increased range on light cavalry, bonuses to hand cavalry.

Other civs must send vils or TC’s from their HC and Brits and Ports get them for free with houses or Age ups. One shipment is not that crazy.

Btw talking about advanced arsenal. Can we send the Lakota Arsenal Card to the 3rd age? Its So hard to put it in the deck in the second age